March 11, 2019

Rapper and Qualified Lawyer T-Girl Madrops To Market Her Album "I'm On My Way" Internationally And Shares Tips on How to Go About it

T-Girl Madrops Seems to be forging ahead with her music career without being signed by any record company and is 100% supported by a huge number of fans that she has, mostly the outsiders.
“I’ve been approached by few recording companies however, I understand the advantages and disadvantages of concluding a contract with a record label and for now I decide not to be signed.” Said T-Girl when interviewed by Sboh The Bonesh on Radio DUT in November 2018.
Her songs are encoded for Movies utility and are on Callertunes with Vodacom and MTN. She is a holder of Eyethu Talent Award as a Best Rapper in 2015. She has performed at SATMA Ceremony held at University of Zululand in 2015 and has shared a stage with famous Artists like K.O, Babes Wodumo, Fifi Cooper etc. She is currently nominated as a best female artist at Cape City Excellent Awards. The Queen of The Rain has confirmed her manager’s statement made on Vibe FM during her interview regarding the release of her First album with 15 Brand new tracks. “ ‘I’m On My way’ Album is anticipated to be released in April 27, it contains love songs, inspirational songs, Party songs etc. It mostly talks about Life Challenges we face pertaining dreams and goals fulfilment .” Says T-Girl. She revealed that most tracks on her album are very personal to her. “A lot of my writing inspiration has come from what I’ve been through over the last couple of years. The Album name speaks for itself. For me, dreams are not something to wait for, you need to run after your dreams! a person’s goals fulfilment is nobody’s responsibility! It takes a person’s own initiative to achieve what S/he wants in life.” says T-Girl. The album will be sold and distributed in all music platforms.
T-Girl disclosed that she is working with a lot of people from outside South Africa including, Chris 47- Ghana Beat Maker, Vissy From Nigeria who is also a beatmaker and producer, Joe Jones who is the Radio station owner from Shadow Radio in America, Rachael -the pop singer from New York who willingly decided to write one song for T-Girl. The album also features few local artists. She further mentions that the whole album will be a surprise to her fans and people must expect the unexpected. “The album will be marketed in the USA, Nigeria, Ghana and Home! And I thank my God and my fans, Mostly Local fans for believing in me I know I wouldn’t be this far if it wasn’t for them .” explains T-Girl.
The Queen of the rain works as an attorney for one of the biggest law firms in Durban. when she was asked how she does it as her career job seems to keep her busy and needs a lot of Focus; her response was “it is not easy but where there is a will, there is a way” she further commented that, she spend a lot of time into her legal career as an attorney as he needs to be updated at all times so she applies all she has on it whereas in music she only needs to make time and apply love which is not really that much challenging.
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Who or what is Your Main Influence in The Rap/ Hip hop industry?
Keri Hilson has been a source of influence and inspiration to my music career, her charisma, philanthropic nature and drive for good music has been of a great deal to me but then she does Pop and rnb while I do Pop and Rap music, so the rest of my style comes from within, which makes me being unique amongst all.
What differences do you spot or discover when collaborating with artists from different countries?
The differences will always be there as these artists bring something new to the table; different styles from what I always hear from my country. But what I've been Noticing since is the 'Respect' towards each other and respect for music! Respect is always there, there has never been underestimations or competition, and that's obviously because there is no conflict of interest. It is more like "Your gain is my gain". Other than that, music is music anywhere you go.
How is the response from Family and Friends that you are in this Music Industry while you are a qualified Lawyer?
I could not have asked for better Families and friends, they have been of immense strength and encouragement to me knowing that I have a strong passion for music and they are also being supportive on my progression as a qualified Lawyer... I really appreciate them.
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What are the mistakes do you think upcoming artists do that makes their music not to get a breakthrough?

Some of the mistakes upcoming artists do are:
Lack of strategy - I don't understand the point of releasing 5 tracks a month, knowing well that the last 5 tracks you released last month did not go anywhere! There is saying I came up with to guide myself and my team saying "PUSH UNTIL IT'S GONE". Whenever I release a single, I push it until it reaches certain target like my latest track "Follow up", my manager instructed me not to release anything until we have 50 000 downloads. Now we aim more than that. I think they need to also adopt something like that.
. Lack of knowledge in respect of the procedure- They lack knowledge as to what really needs to be done when the song/track is complete I think they need to become a fan of internet because a proper research would guide them in this. Know your music and deliver it to proper audience/fans, not to your friends! Market it & distribute it accordingly.
Further, they need to be kind to themselves and invest money for their music
I won't explain this.
Wrong collaboration-
You don't just Collaborate with someone merely because s/he is also an artist! There's a lot to be taken into consideration including the impact a collab will have and whether it will mutually benefit sides. So, I would advise upcoming artists to create a niche for themselves before jumping into collaborate with someone who will overshadow you or someone useless on the track (laughs). It has to balance.
If there could be one big artist you would like to work with; who would it be and why?
I would love to work with Keri Hilson because we share same ideology and taste of music. It would be great working with her... always dreamt of it.
T-Girl Madrops; What is the story behind this stage name?
T-Girl Madrops is simply derived from my birth name Thandeka Mathonsi. I Know what T-Girl means in other countries, my fans from America have been asking me about that, well I’m not "that"! T-Girl is from Thandeka, and bcause of my legal career, I know it is wise to separate the singer/rapper from the lawyer.
So my fans know me as T-Girl Madrops, the queen of the rain. They say I drop hits like Raindrops. I know my best friend- Heambrosia Reddy came up with that hash tag and it's now everywhere, that is who I am and that is what my music stands for. I am T-GIRL MADROPS AND YOU WILL FEEL THE DROPS... LOTS HAS FELT THE DROPS.(LAUGHS)
T-Girl Madrops vs Thandeka Mathonsi
T-Girl Madrops is a pop singer, song-writer, rapper, dancer and a fashion Model
Thandeka Mathonsi, is a role model, a lawyer, a kind person and a child of God.
T-GIRL MADROPS is the definition of music in my inner being, it is the embodiment of my love for music, it is an entity that sees music and paints a picture of what music is, she delivers music as service to her fans.
THANDEKA MATHONSI is a lawyer who fights for the helpless and makes sure the innocent gets vindicated. Both of these two work together in synergy and are never in conflict with each other.
What is the Motive behind your Album “I’m On My Way”?
I'M ON MY WAY is a statement of affirmation, that no matter how tough or how thorny the road maybe, I will get there (to my paradise). The album talked about life challenges that leads to being judged as a failure and be underestimated. Most people are not where they want to be but they are not residence to where they are, we are all striving to be better. Everyone is on the road running at own pace. I know my fans and people will relate to it and they will enjoy this album... So, this is for my fans to NEVER GIVE UP, never allow your present predicament bring you down, never allow your present bad condition determine your direction. I am on my way to Success nothing will stop me
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Twitter: @TgirlMadrops
Instagram: @iamtgirlmadrops
Email: [email protected]
Shout Outs
My shout out goes to
- My fans worldwide, I wouldn't be here without my fans and I aim to keep their numbers growing
- Radio stations that play T-Girl Madrops, please keep on
- My managers; Chris Lindburg and Ace Molefe, guys we have come a long way, thank you
- My friend, Amber Reddy and my sister Lungi Madrops- they both know their role and I appreciate them.
- Chris 47 from Ghana and Fortune Imemeh from Nigeria... too late to stop now guys
- Melissa from United Kingdom thanks a lot
- And to Rap type Magazine for this article- it is this kind of act that keeps independent artists like me growing... thank you.
Last but not least, to everyone I've worked with and to whoever supported me in any way, thank you so much

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