November 13, 2018

Rapper from Tembisa "Moral Da Prince" is here to refine hip hop with his latest hit "Twisted"

Moral Da Prince is a rapper from Tembisa. “I've been doing music since I was 15, meaning I have 9 full years doing music

Why Hip Hop?

I've been asked that question several times. Uhmm... I guess hip hop has been my favorite genre, I grew up listening to hip hop, then fell in love with it to a point where I started rapping and recording
What is the Best and Worst thing about Hip hop according to Your Experiences?
As an individual who has been in a game for quite some time, I can say there are Lotta Good than Bad things about hip hop. People would say is bad because it promotes gangsterism, drugs blah blah… That’s bulls**t, being a gangster is one's choice.
As a hip hop artist, I'd say the good thing about hip hop is that it has no limits (especially when writing songs), you write about anything, you touch lives in so many ways and you freely express your feelings


Who are the Great Artists that You've worked with in your music journey so far?

The journey has been challenging but good so far, I've met fellas I never thought I would work with... I've worked with the likes of: Mr Gravetown, Candy floss, IllestMagik, Ajani Hendrick etc

Who are the Legends do you wish to work with one of the good days?

There are a couple of artists in the game of which I would like to reach out and work with someday, Artists like: A Reece, Tshego, Kwesta etc


What is the Motive behind your latest track “Twisted” ft Candy Floss?

Most of the time when I write songs, I'm mostly inspired by the journey and the hardships I face as an upcoming artist .
When I wrote the song (Twisted) which I featured my day one (Candy Floss), I was just motivated by the grind. The surrounding and the beat I was given is just outta this world, I just had to drop a hit with my hommie… Big shout out to Slager Beats for the awesome beat.


There are so many unsuccessful talented Rappers out there struggling to reach their breakthrough, what would you say it's a stumbling block?

A Lotta people seem to be lost, they hardly know what they are good at, what their passion is and what their talent is. All this come from following/copying What's done by others/friends.
My word of advice is; "Take your time", search yourself, don't rush into things. Your time will come; and remember that every successful individuals had their waiting period.


Moral Da Prince… What's the story behind this stage name?

My stage name has been a question to many ha ha ha…
Prince is my nephew, therefore I named myself Da Prince. I dig my boy, he is my first nephew. Moral comes outta my good behavior


Follow Moral Da Prince on:

Facebook: Moral Da Prince
Twitter: @Moral_Princey/ @MoralDaPrince1
Insta: @Moral_DaPrince

Wise Words

I won't say much... You just have to work hard, have faith, stay positive and always pray. All will go well when the right time comes

Shout Outs

I would like to send my shout outs to everyone who had an input on my first EP (I'm HumaN), S/O to SfisoVIP beats, Mr Gravetown, Candy Floss, Dayne Da Beatmaker, Dawg Chaser, Slager Beats, 7nth wave studios etc
The day you got embarrassed during your childhood?
Ha ha ha… As child I never got embarrassed ha ha… I was child and didn't know anything about pride

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