October 11, 2019

Rapper K.pRO Explains Why South African Trap is the Best in the World

The New African Trapper on the Block Karabo Kekana born(2003-04-15) better known As K.pRO Is a south african hip-hop artists and producer from johannesburg south.
K.pRO Is a singer,songwriter and a producer of various genres including pop.
The Jozi Lyts hit maker was born in Limpopo, Lebowakgomo Hospital and was raised by his grandmother in Zebediela.
He is  currently a young musician signed under his own record label called Unique Entertainment based in Johannesburg CBD.
Who or what got you into Hip hop?
My inspiration was drawn from Emtee after he released his debut album. That is when i got interested in Hip-Hop because i never knew that i can tell african stories through trap.
Your Father was in a different Musical Genre, Would you say that you have followed his footsteps on being in the music industry?
Definetely! I think i have inherited my father's musical ear and skills.
What is the good and the worst thing on being a producer according to your experiences? 
Bieng a young producer you are never taken seriously, balancing music marketing and production, lastly, Sound selection.
If you were to rescue nations through Music,  what would you do?
I would make a song that everyone relates to even if it is not Hip-Hop related.
Few years to come, where will K.pRO be?
Probably a world known producer and a great trap artist with a huge record Company.
Most people say "Mzansi Trap is Weak because everyone sounds the same", What's your Opinion? 
I Believe we are the best trappers on the world because we able to fuse our stories with trap and make them relatable.We also rhyme with different languages to express diversity in SA.
K.pRO... What's the story behind this stage name? 
"K.pRO" simply means Karabo the Pro, Every studio I attended I used to kill the mic with my squeaky till i was given this name.
What keeps you going as an artist? 
Passion, the love of music and inspiration from other artists.
Jozi Lyts... What's the story behind the track?
I made the song in 2018 after I got robbed in Jozi. The main message in the song is to tell people about the city of gold and the people around it.
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Shout Outs
Shout out to My father William, he has been supporting my craft since day one, shout out to Darryl my visual artist and lastly shout out to Izzy for teaching me everything i know about music.

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