April 28, 2021

Rapper RED Ink Finally Drops His Long-Awaited EP - Khanda Shisa; Now Available on Online Music Platforms

RED Ink's EP "Khanda Shisa" has 5 songs. It's a follow-up to my EP from last year, "Tr3pple Threat", After doing Tr3pple Threat, Gomora Version and The Game Of Thrones Mixtape, I wanted to include different vibes to my sound with the Khanda Shisa EP.
All those projects contain what could be described as normal or traditional Hop Hip.

With this EP I want to show diversity of sound and growth as an artist, I still have beats that could be considered traditional Hip Hop, beats that are based on old school Kwaito sound and House music sound.

Khanda Shisa is a Zulu language term that means someone who goes his own way, someone who doesn't follow what others do. I consider myself to be that kind of person, where music is concerned.
I want to be unique and not follow trends, I did three songs with a producer from my hood (Alexandra Township) Cryus Beats, The song Clap was produced by Jasper HQ, from Ivory Park, I also worked with another guy from Ivory called Morrey on the song Fly High.
That song also features my Red Panda Entertainment label mate; Red Light and my girl Magenta from my hood (Alexandra).

This project has been a long way coming, it is made up of songs I recorded throughout the whole of 2020 But there's also a song I did about 3 years ago and I've been looking for the best way to package it... and it fits very well with this project.

Download and Stream Khanda Shisa EP by RED Ink on the link below:

  • RED Ink - Blood Bottoms
    RED Ink - Blood Bottoms
    Red Panda Entertainment
  • RED Ink - Big Panda
    RED Ink - Big Panda
    Red Panda Entertainment
  • RED Ink - Clap
    RED Ink - Clap
    Red Panda Entertainment
  • RED Ink - Fly High Ft Magenta X RED Light
    RED Ink - Fly High Ft Magenta X RED Light
    Red Panda Entertainment
  • RED Ink - Khuli Chana Fresh
    RED Ink - Khuli Chana Fresh

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