January 20, 2023

Rapper Trippy Rare drops a New EP and Titles it “The Rare Art” | Full Story on How it Came About


"The Rare Art”; what’s the story behind this EP title

The story behind The Rare Art is yet to unfold but the project is basically just a representation of what i do and where my sound was at the moment of production so those are just a couple of songs i have selected to let people listen and hopefully stick around to whats coming

How different Would it have been if you used one of the song’s title as the name of the EP?

If i had to do that, it would have to been titled after the song "2Rare" this project is about me, i am rare so yea that would work, but it would make a difference to how the project sound and feel

Is this your first EP ever released or there’s other EPs or Albums that you’ve dropped previously?

No this is my fourth, I've released Rare EP in 2016, Tripyy EP in 2018 , INSECURITIES in 2020 and other collaboration projects

Which song is your favourite out of all 6 songs?

My favourite song out of the six would be 2Rare the first song, I think it describes Me well

“Heal Me” has two versions, are you also planning to do the same to all the songs in future?

I am currently working on my next project and i havent made a song where i feel like it needs a second version but i do have a 2 songs in one type of situation.

Tracklist of Trippy Rare's EP - The Rare Art
Tracklist of Trippy Rare's EP - The Rare Art

What is the motive behind the artwork of the EP?

Just like the songs in the project i wanted something that would present me, so i had a photoshoot with TBZ Visualz and thats the picture that was best becasue it has me and most of the tools i used to make the project

Are you planning on doing any deluxe on this EP?

No but i do have tracks that couldn't make it to the EP and i have been contemplating on releasing them

Who do you want to want send shout outs to in connection with this EP?

Would love to thank and Apreciate Rarebeats Records, Pirxel Rare, TBZ Visuals, Phadeflowz , Fre$H B, TPZ , Kaybae , we made it happen????


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