February 7, 2018

Rarebeats Records

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RareBeats Records offers the following services; Recording, Artist Management And Publishing , Audiovisual Projects ,Music composing and Video Production.
Tyrone "Trippy rare" Ngobeni
Boitumelo "Fre$h B" Sedumeli
Xoli "Doggey808" Phanyaphanya
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Established : 2013.
Music Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, Electro RnB, World music, Kasi Rap,
Current Artists:
DOGGEY808 (Vocalist, Rapper & Producer )
FRE$H B (Rapper)
TRIPPY RARE (Rapper & Producer)
Nerdymee (Rapper)
MEGGA (Vocalist & Rapper)
POIZON (Rapper)
PROTOTYPE (Rapper, Vocalist & Producer)
FLY B (Producer)
DRASTIC SOUL (Rapper, Vocalist, Producer)
Together as Music Band "Laconic Tribe"
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Rarebeats Records/ Laconic Tribe sometimes stylized as LAC is a Recording and Artist management Company from Soweto,  Johannesburg.
The recording company came to life when three of the owners met in college back in 2013.The three met came up with different ideas regarding music and the industry and find out the aiming for the same thing luckily all three were based in Soweto. All three of them had already started what they wanted to do so it was just a matter of time till three had Back room studio running at Pimville, Soweto (Tyrones house).
Our Vision and Mission:
To become the biggest and most popular recording brand in Africa within people our age and Above, We want to be truly international host shows all over the world, Own our very own well established music publishing company cut deals only with the three major biggest recording labels in the world like Universal Music/Sony Music Group / EMI.
We want our artist to be free in the former of art they do and be accepted, we want to give the fan base nothing but quality produced, composed South African international hip hop music. Our very own brands will be the only thing we dressing talking and living.
FACEBOOK : Rarebeats Records/Laconic Tribe (700likes,60shares)
TWITTER : @Rarebeatsrecords
INSTAGRAM : @Rarebeatsrecords
Singles Year
Fre$h B – Abafana ft Trippy Rare (prod. By Trippy) 2017
Doggey808 – So long ft Drastic (prod. By Drastic) 2017
Laonic Tribe – Overdose ft Ginger (prod. By Trippy) 2017
Doggey808 – Dat Sauce Ft Kevin N Rock & BlackSnow (prod .by Doggey808) 2017
Prototype – Mona Lisa ft Skinny P Mo’nate (prod.by Trippy Rare)
Albums/Mixtape/EP/LP Year
Laconic Tribe – High Tape (EP) 2017
Laconic Tribe - Malean (prod.by Trippy Rare)
Laconic Tribe – Down There (prod. By Lazykid)
Laconic Tribe - On Some S**t (Prod.by Doggey808)
Laconic Tribe – Benzo (prod.by Doggey808)
Laconic Tribe – Just Sippin (prod.by Trippy Rare)
Laconic Tribe – Allah (prod.by Trippy Rare)
Laconic Tribe – LaconicEP (LP) 2017
Laconic Tribe – Beat Hoppin (prod.by Fly B)
Megga – Ingoduso (prod.by Trippy Rare)
TPZ – Assets (prod.by Drastic)
Proto – Buy me a Rowley (prod.by Drastic)
Doggey808 – For a week ft Trippy Rare & Augee Rila (prod.by Doggey808)
Drastic – Maybabo ft Proto (prod.by Drastic)
Fre$h B – Indie (prod.by Trippy Rare)
Doggey808 – Hidden Jealousy (prod.by Doggey808)
Drastic – In ma city ft Tpz & Doggey808 (prod.by Drastic)
Laconic Tribe – Evil Thoughts (prod.by Trippy Rare)
Megga – Matshidiso (prod.by Trippy Rare)
Tpz – Stripper Pole (prod.by Trippy Rare)
Nerdymee – Bad B**h ft R.O.N & Dutch Goblin (prod.by Dutch Goblin)
Doggey808 – When am around (prod.by Doggey808)
Doggey808 – Sotra Party ft Nerdymee (prod.by Doggey808)
Doggey808 – Aint Lost ft TPZ (prod.by Drastic)
Laconic Tribe – Who’s in my closset ft Blacksnow (prod.by Trippy Rare)
Projects coming Dicography
Witch Flow (LP) 2018
IMG 20180207 WA0019
(Release date & Tracklist soon to be announced)
Trapped On 48 (EP) 2018
(Release date & Tracklist soon to be announced)
Fre$h B – Dubai ft Blacksnow (prod.by Trippy Rare) (SINGLE) 2018
Trippy Rare – Rare (single) 2018

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