September 11, 2017

Rhymsta - Back to the Hood (Lyrics)

Take it back to the hood
Back to hood
Take it back to the hood
Back to the kush
Take it back to the hood
Back to the hood
Take it back to the hood
Back to the Gs
Verse 1
I was born in the riches
And I'm tryna make it bigger
My mama thinks I'm tripping
But my daddy knows I'm sicker
I'm shooting for my goals
At the same time I'm a keeper
It's not my fault that I am me
'cause vele kea te feel'a
These haters keep on hating
I just hit 'em with a smile
I never hit on girls
I just know that they're mine
Trixta taught me rap
But I make music with a style
Look at me then look at you
You'll see that I'm high
Its levels to this life
See me chilling at the sky
Rhymsta the Question
My name is your answer
Some call me real
I'm the big booty hunter
Throw a house party in a crib like nkandla
[Chorus] x3
Verse 2
True definition of a dreamer and ambition
Working with the numbers
Niggas thinking about addition
I'm talking about the money but I'm killing with the lyrics
I'm delta in this music man Im killing with the difference
I'm rapping for the niggas who'd salute me for the lingo
I'm rolling for my dreams like the niggas casinos
I take it for a fact that ,rapping is for killers
'cause, murderers like me, always shoot for their goals
Some make it big for the girls and tequilas
I make it big for my fam and my niggas
I know I'm cheesy but I never show it when I hustle
'cause murderers like me always shoot for their goals
Back to the niggas with a mouth full of gold
Macking on bitches on streets when they're bored
I'm King in the making (x2)
[Chorus] x2

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