November 2, 2021

Rising all the Way from Maglera, The Rapper "LE2" Pushes Umsebenzi through Hip hop

LE2 is a Rapper, Songwriter and Record producer from Kanana, One of the townships in Klerksdorp also known as Maglera.
LE2's Love for Hip hop Music started from a young age in his primary school days when he joined a local Rap crew named Hustle Top Niggas(HTN). The crew later decomposed after two of it's members were wrongfully accused and charged. Due to the high level of gangsterism, drug abuse & lack of supporting facilities in the township, the rest of the HTN group fell off.
LE2 kept making music to stay off the streets. "As young as i was i've always wanted to make a difference and considering that i was an introvert kid.. music became my voice and kept me off the notorious streets of Kanana, growing up in the township taught me so much about surviving, remaining persistent & inspiring the people around Me, this is where My lyricism comes from", He said.

LE2 speaks for the streets & most people who have being introduced to his sound have labelled him an activist and a great inspiration.

LE2 recently dropped his smash hit titled Umsebenzi which features 012's @life_as_kaygreat and @thee_anoun_g1jero_7. The song speaks to every person out there trying to get their hustle right, everyone who works hard has hopes that their grind will pay of someday and we all need that one thing to keep us hoping for our big breakthrough, Umsebenzi is that inspiration.

LE2 is currently in studio working on his upcoming E.p with Mac loud, @Awol_Fifteen8 and a couple of other amazing artists, the rapper announced the extended play after Mac loud released Gang sh#t
from his warm up E.p featuring LE2.

Being from a hood where there's too much gangsterism, drug abuse and more; How did Hip hop save You from the streets?

I have always listened to conscious Hip hop artists because of my uncle being a die hard hip hop fan, so i knew what was happening in my hood is not only happening in my space but also artists like 2pac and Biggie have experienced and witnessed it. I studied what they were all about and what really made them authentic and respected pioneers of the hip hop culture and i figured out that they were not just people from the hood but they were extra ordinary,they've always wanted to facilitate growth and change the world, they have somehow managed to do that through Hip hop so their stories kept me going with hope that one day i'll also do the same. The only thing we need to survive is hope and that is what hip hop gave me and that way i'd say hip hop saved me.


What is the Good and the Bad thing about Hip hop around Your Hood?

The hip hop culture is very influencial and can be very dangerous if missunderstood sometimes. The bad thing about Hip hop in my hood is the concepts being missunderstood most of the times, i have seen youngstars abusing substance because they see their favourite hip hop stars showing it on music videos,lack of understanding got em hooked on the lifestyle. The good thing about Hip hop in my hood is it gets the youth to learn about things happening around to world, it keeps some kids on the streets but for a good purpose, many have discovered their unique talents through the Hip hop culture.


LE2... what is the story behind this stage name?

Before i went by the stage name LE2, i had a couple of other cool rap names like LEXTRY,C.ROLL and Coax fanta, this was the time when i didn't really find my archetype. The name LE2 came after i realized that most people were having difficulties with pronouncing my birth name(Lethukuthula) especially at school, it made me feel uncool so i shortened my name by using the first part of it which is Lethu but used thu as number 2.


Who is that One Rapper that You look up to that You wish you could hook up with one day and why?

I am mostly inspired by Cassper Nyovest and i hope one day i get to meet him. I think he's a great example of staying true to self and still succeed and whatever style he tries out he never feels like a different artist, he perfectly blends in without loosing his form


Would You say that the Song "Umsebenzi" is the one that gave you a huge breakthrough or there's another hit? How?

Umsebenzi is a really big song. I think it's going to be the song that gives me my huge breakthrough. I am saying this because i haven't worked so much on pushing it but already it's bringing me some good reception and this shows that it has the right potential to put me on top if i go all out interms of pushing it.


How is the response from Family and Friends towards your Music Journey?

I have been getting a great amount of love from my family and friends, the more i grow the more everybody believes in me. The was a time where i felt underpressure thinking about my peers who are earning great salaries and i on the other hand still hustling for recognition in the music industry but the everyday motivation i get from my people keeps the going.


What is one thing that Many of the Upcoming Rappers do that delays their breakthrough in the Rap game?

There's a point where we get chances & opportunities as upcoming rappers, this is the part where a rapper needs to work harder than they have ever worked but what delays us as rappers is we turn to relax and loose the work mode when we get to this stage and this is a very big mistake


Few years to come, where will LE2 be?

I have always been dedicated and willing to learn everything i should know as an artist, i am trying to get out as far i can from my comfort zone so that in the next few years i become an established independent artists.


Who is your Celebrity crush and why?

My celebrity crush is La sauce. She's pretty,simple and she is very talented


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Facebook - Musician LE2

Instagram - @musicianle2

Twitter - @LE2_Shongwe


Shout Outs

I would like to send my shout outs to Everybody who's been behind me since this journey started. my team @KidStizz @Awolfifteen8 @lifeasKaygreat @Macloud, Mardy matin and Uirokster.

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