February 11, 2021

Rising Star Tonia Babu Expresses Her Emotions through Music

Tonia Babu meaning *Praiseworthy first born* is a Singer and Songwriter from Limpopo at Chavani, She's an RnB and Pop Singer who also raps if the mood allows...
Tonia is one talented singer who expresses her emotions through writing music and let it all out as she sings.
She's been releasing songs including the likes of "Ni Khete Wena" featuring Vice and "Countless Times", These songs are available on musical platforms for streaming and downloads
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When did you realize that you have a singing talent and how did you discover it?
I realised it when I was still a toddler but took it lightly. I took initiative in 2020 when I met reliable people, like the guys from Wisani Site Records and more, they brought some sense into me and from there i never stopped

Besides Singing, what else does Tonia Babu do?

I can draw, write and dance. One can say talent runs in my veins
Who is this One artist that you look up to and why?
The artist i find amusing is Dax. It's not about him being a great rapper but it's about the way he writes. His songs can either showcast his emotions or can bring about Biblical events

What is the Good and the Bad thing about being a n artist around your hood according to Your experiences?
The good thing is that you get fame which isn't always needed if your only heared around your hood. You need to get the spotlight so the whole world knows your name. At least thats what im aiming for.
How is the response from Your Family and Friends towards Your music craft?
In life you wont always get both recognitions. Some of my friends and family members are thrilled with what I'm chasing. What makes me happier is that my Mom finds it as a hard work of determination in which I'll soon enough prosper.
What are few basic things do you do before you write such good music?
I first listen to the instrumental and allow it to talk to me. It's one thing to know how to write but its another thing to know how to compose a song out of what you wrote if you dont know what was expected on that particular beat.
Which local Artist would you be happy to have a collaboration with and why?
Mthimbani, because growing up i was ingaged engaged to his songs. The one song that made me enjoy his music is "Dangerous Love" which I still have on my playlist. He's very talented and  very determined about his artistic work which makes me to have a desire to be where he is, and even far if possible.

Few years to come, where will Tonia Babu be?

Tonia Babu will be known by her flattering voice worldwide
Shout Outs
Jabulani Jay, all Wisani-Site Records Crew; Vice, Juicy Killer and T Boy friends and family and last but not least fans. I give thanks to Rap type Mag for your generousity. Keep up the good work

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