October 12, 2017

Saxophone brings the Hip-Kwaito vibe back

Saxophone is a Hip-Kwaito artist whose real name is Emmanuel Nkalane Nkuna who was born in Bushbuckridge and grew up at Ga-Makanye and Solomondale. I fuse hip hop and Kwaito music, thus I call it Hip-Kwaito.
Who or what got you into hip hop music?
My boy Motsa Lebitso who used to perform with a Turfloop based crew called Slash operation used hang around me a lot, bumping their music and I would grab the lines of their songs and sing along in most cases, until 2012 when I decided to jump on a beat and do my own song. The experiences I had when I took 7 years of no school after dropping out at Grade 11. I motivated myself and decided to share my story through one of my initial songs like Ke kwile.
Who do you look up to in the hip hop music industry?
Still look up to Tuks Senganga. I believe he still has a lot to offer, although he is quiet at the moment, I believe he is gonna bounce back with more power. Even Zola 7, his relevancy whenever he is being featured by New cats in the game motivates me a lot.
What makes Saxophone different from other hip hop artists?
Obviously, I do Hip-Kwaito in Sepedi. So I am a real pantsula in the game.
Tell us the motive behind your latest track?
My song Skeem Sa Manyora a Kasi talks about township lifestyle, a day to day movement of Kasi hustlers, and it is aimed at motivating everyone who does the street hustle to keep going no matter what.
Who are the Amazing people or organisations have you worked with in this hip hop game?
Everyone I worked with was amazing. Those people are Motsa Lebitso, Slash, Lekkersweet, Tsiyo-Man, Gally, PK, Nico and many more. Simply because they love vernact bits.
One word to describe Saxophone?
Who intimidates you in the hip hop music industry around your area and why?
No one. I am a king of my jungle.
How do people reach Saxophone if they want to know more and see more of your Work?
One can hala at 071 882 3849.
On facebook I am Saxophone Emmanuel
on twitter @Saxophone_SA
Any updates ahead? Projects or events that are about to take place?
I am dropping a single called Maite which is dedicated to my daughter. And I will performing at Bolobedu Hello Spring Event Ga-Maphalle alongside, Double-Trouble, Lekkersweet and more.
Surely there’s someone out there who wishes to be like Saxophone, how can you motivate them?
Know your roots and always believe in yourself. Be original and stay focused in order for you to succeed.
Who do you want to send your shout outs to?
Shout out to my mom, and my daughter Maite as well as  all my fans out there.
(Bonus) What nick name given to you that you didn’t like at all during your childhood?
Maniggie. Lol.

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