August 29, 2017

Shugulugu on Swati Hip hop

Shugulugu is Njabulo Dennis Mkhonto all the way from Mpumalanga, Mbombela in a small place called Barberton. Shugu is a hip-hop artist who raps in vernacular, a mix of Swati  and English
Why Hip hop?
I can say I’m a talkative guy, I talk a lot. Hip hop was  a victory to me to express everything  I felt that time, unlike house music where you do four bars and it takes you back to the chorus of which I don’t like, rappers must think, write bars and express themselves without reaching any menopause
IMG 20170818 WA0016 Who is your Mzansi Hip hop artist role model?
Priddy ugly man, the guy can rap, very much unique in every song, he has bars for days. Big shout out to the hommie man
What makes Shugulugu different from other hip hop artists?
I don’t copy what other cats do, I build my own foundation, I sometimes don’t listen to Mzansi rappers because most of them sound the same. I want people to listen to me and say they are listening to Shugu, not Shugu like Casper or Shugu like AKA, I’m very much unique. Rapping skills, everything is just me and me alone, I’m unique
Who are the Amazing people or organisations have you worked with in this hip hop game?
I’m not willing to work with any successful or famous artist who already made it in the rap game, I want build my own empire, I worked with many underground cats like Lekkersweet, King b, Jay Spitter who’s currently signed in Mabala Noise, I’m still looking forward to work with many talented underground cats
One word to describe Shugulugu?
Do you think you have what it takes to improve Mzansi hip hop to a better level?
Watch the space, it is just a matter of time. I’m doing my final year in B Com Accounting in The University of Limpopo (Turf loop campus) so I don’t get enough time to push my music but believe you me, Shugulugu is coming, people must expect good music as always
Follow Shugulugu on;
Facebook - Njabulo Shugu Mkhonto
Instagram @shugulugu
Twitter @shugulugu
Contact number – 0724634681
Who’s your intimidation in your hood?
I’m not intimidated and I will never be, not when I’m still alive!
Motivational words from Shugu
Don’t wish to be like Shugulugu, be yourself, let Shugulugu inspire you, come up with your own thing. There is no one who can ever be Shugulugu, I’m the only one
Shout outs
Shout out to my fans man, shout out to every underground cat trying to make it big, keep pushing, the struggle continues don’t ever think of giving up

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