April 16, 2019

Sizwe Moyo and Vusani Mathivha Present: "Your Girlfriend's Favourite Podcast"

A new podcast has hit South Africa and it's nothing like anyone expected. Spear-headed by Sizwe Moyo and Vusani Mathivha present: “Your Girlfriend's Favourite Podcast”, this is a fresh, exciting and provocative podcast that touches various topics ranging from local and international entertainment news to socio-political issues that plague South Africa and countries abroad.
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The podcast duo have described it as “Therapeutic”, it allows them to speak about things openly and candidly. "I think the blatant honesty and authenticity is why people listen to the podcast, especially females. The ladies appreciate the podcast because it gives them an open wide look into the conversations that men have when they are not around.", says Sizwe. "We can't wait for even more people to hear it."
They were, however, called out by popular radio personality from one of the well known Radio Stations in Mzansi for being too politically incorrect and perpetuating the #MenAreTrash narrative. Vusani and Sizwe clapped back by highlighting the fact that some radio DJs are "appropriating black culture" and shouldn't have a say in what they do. "All we're trying to do at the end of the day is elevate podcasting in South Africa, take it to a new level while educating our listeners and spreading peace, love and mental health", said Vusani.
Sizwe, a PR graduate, says that doing the podcast had criticisms and high praise from the people who have heard it but says its a welcome distraction. "Starting this podcast has given me a chance to properly articulate the way I feel about things in general, everything from the current state of Hip Hop to Male-Female relations to my political views. We recently added photographer, Ipeleng Mogami to our team to give us a female point of view on topics that we simply cannot weigh in on. We can't to see what the future holds for us."
The podcast is available on all major podcast streaming services including, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Anchor and Google Podcasts.
YouTube: Vusani Mathivha
Spotify, iTunes, Anchor and Google Podcasts: Your Girlfriend's Favourite Podcast

Sizwe Moyo on Twitter (@sizzlethesavage) IG (sizzle_thesavage)
Vusani Mathivha on Twitter (@vusani_VM16) IG (vusi_vm16)

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