February 14, 2023

Smaddy Wend Drops a Single - “Behind Closed Doors” on Valentine’s Day | Here’s Why


Well, the idea Behind Closed Doors was brought into my very own mind because of how a colleague of mine has been roaming around with different girls in means of, "no strings attached" so he would be sneaking around with these girls, without dating them. Just a matter of being a shoulder to cry on, because these girls has their own boyfriends. But what happens is, when they're going through a rough patch with their partners, instead of talking it out with them, they go around & sleep with dude right here. And so, it appeared to me, how the boyfriends only sees the one side of the story, how his girl keeps trying to save him from trouble by encouraging him to be a good boy, and do what's best for their future. And in that, the boyfriend be trying his best to become somebody that his girlfriend is in visioning him to be, which is the best that he can ever be. But on the other hand, since he's on the hard path to success, nobody is going to accommodate at all times on your darkness of time, so she's there with him, but on the other hand she runs behind closed doors to ease that stress up, sleeping around with someone who's only daily habit is smoking weed & sitting at the corner stores. That's where she goes for relief, cause she won't find any with her boyfriend, since she's pushing him to be at his best, so he ain't resting till he's successful.


Why did you decide to Release it on Valentine’s Day?

The reason why I decided to release this song on Valentines is because I want it to remind people of such events going on, mostly because on this day, people are going to be focusing on all the love & sharing, some being exploited. I just want to remind that of the truth, because people are behaving out of character today simply because they are expecting a gift from someone. It is a lovely day, but it is being exploited if you know that Anyday of the year is nothing but hate, but suddenly today you're getting more love than you ever get. If something is too good to be true, after listening to that song, I'm here to confirm & remind you again that it isn't.


How long did it take for the whole project to complete?

It only took me a day to actually make the song, including mixing & mastering, I might have taken an hour to record it because I was seemingly freestyling the verses. What actually delayed the process was the hook, I had to re-record the hook more than 20 times, simply because my humming would be off beat or off key, since I'm only a rapper not a singer, I find it hard to control my keys when I do something like this. And just like that the song was done. Although, I've recently started mastering my own music, I actually discovered a way to produce the hook more phenomenally, and I did, but I'm sorry to inform you that the project that you're listening to right now is a demo, the original was lost when my computer was hit by a virus. That is the demo before the perfect mastering.

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Who did you work with on this Song?

I worked alone on the mixing, and mastering of my vocals. And the beat was generated by an online purchase over Beatstars.


How do you expect the audience to respond to this Song?

I would like for them to listen with caution, never to overreact in their relationships or anything like that because of this. I just ask for them to be alert of such events, and if such does ever happen to you, to know very well that such occurs to anybody. This is how people think & people are going to act in certain ways due to certain situations in order to overcome certain circumstances or challenges, it is never too personal till you wrap your head around it & make it all about yourself, it is selfish. In the second verse of that song, I was explaining exactly why would a girl circum to such activities, it doesn't mean that she loves you less, she just ain't got no respect for you like that 'cause you don't seem to have it within yourself so get yourself straight.


Are we expecting a remix for this song anytime soon?

As for now, I don't think that we'll be having a Remix of the song, because the song is from an upcoming mixtape that I'm working on & it is a solo mixtape. I decided to do a solo mixtape, but if someone was to propose such. I'd listen to them & meet on suitable terms & we could do a Remix.

Shout Outs 
Uhm, I just want to send a shout out to God. None of this would be possible without him, I appreciate him at most!


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