May 4, 2018

Spot Light on JYZ Yorke as He Takes Namibian Hip hop By a Storm; "We Almost There"

Jyz Yorke is a passionate artist who grew up in a Lil town called Omaruru. He does Hip hop / Rap music with reference to the bible as he grew up in church and has a personal faith in God.
Who or what got you into hip hop music?
Initially it was the missing father figure at home. Jyz Yorke grew up without his father. This led to a yearn for a father hence getting interested rap and looking up to rappers. Locally Jyz Yorke was inspired by Jericho who is one of the greatest rappers in Namibia. Jyz Yorke had a collection of his CD's that he was given as a gift by one of his relatives. Another rapper was "Master T" this was when Jyz Yorke was at church "this man had a paper and was rapping over a beat from it" this inspired Jyz Yorke even more. Furthermore Rappers such as Eminem, Lil Wayne and Lecrae influence Jyz Yorke too. "I remember writing my own song from an Eminem song I used the same melody but just different words" added Jyz Yorke. This was the beginning of it all.
Who are the Amazing people or organisations have you worked with or whom you are about to work with in some of your productions?
I worked with Triple M (An organisation from Omaruru), MLD (also from Omaruru), & Redeem Records.
Right now we working on our own company (music based) which is Straight Peculiar, We Almost There was dropped under our label. The Executive producer is Bradlow on the Beat (a childhood friend), followed by Zack on the Track, Tory Kaan (who is actually from SA) and Floww from Namibia.
When it comes to production Jyz Yorke doesn't change that much since he is in the process of developing a sound and an image. For All the graphics and visuals Jyz Yorke will be working with PutinWork (CEO: Johnson Namholo).
IMG 20180503 WA0027
What is the motive behind your tracks / writings (especially your latest studio album “We almost There”?
Jyz Yorke promotes hope and life through hip hop, His latest LP WeAlmostThere is an album that stands for Hope. Since initial idea is hope, the listener might think that it ends there but it is a bit profound. The whole album is like a journey with a room in the middle, War Room which is a reference to the famous movie War Room. The track is number 7 and is pretty much the backbone of the album. Without this track the album could've been senseless.
The stories before the War Room are all representing a person who is need of hope.
The Voyage (Jyz Yorke's Journey in the industry)
Almost There (Album title track which narrates how hard it was for Jyz to get studio time)
Hip Hope (here Jyz Yorke takes it to the hood speaks about what he sees on the way to the studio)
Robbery in the hood (He sees that people really need hope)
All gewd (here they take it home and talks about poverty and how sometimes people are forced to sell weed to make it out)
Light up (exposes the darkness going on and is a frustration of wanting the light of God to shine)
Manifest Kidd is a pun (Money First Kidd) Jyz Yorke Speaks about how big broke makes us reckless (reckless) and he sort of calms the seeking of hope.
Now War Room is the biggest song on the project because it serves the album's purpose Hope. True hope can only be found through God and how we can connect to God.  By prayer so if you ever need hope, say a prayer rather than having war in the streets by robbing or pushing weed or complaining or any other things mentioned… Pray!
After War Room, Jyz Yorke was free and didn't mind hear the negativity (Headphones On).
He rides with Ajay King Track on Taking Over and there is a sudden change in the story from taking over to Years Away. This can be seen as a car accident (Crush) which symbolises love or emotion in this case.  It continues with the RnB vibe tracks and Charge In comes in which suggests that the love emotions don't rule over Jyz Yorke but since he is human he had to bring it out. Charge in is a track which throws direct shots at the industry that got the power if they (the rappers in the industry) are the man of the hour? This rhetorical question reveals that Jyz Yorke feels like the artist aren't doing art that is infinite but rather temporary who alludes to talking about the basic things expected from hip hop.
Move in is him taking his properties and finally moving in the industry.
Jyz Yorke is studying literature and linguistics as a result his lyrics and writings are above average. “I am just another dawg chasing God's will"
From Taking over...Jyz Yorke
My Bars are deep they can't dig em
-From Manifest Kidd
IMG 20180503 WA0020 IMG 20180503 WA0022
Hip hop music and Gospel music, How do you manage to mix or merge the two and do Gospel Hip hop?
Hip hop is all expressing your points and your views. If you are full of something it will exude itself correctly no matter where you are. Hip hop and the gospel is the best collaboration that could ever happen. Hip Hop is the expression and the gospel is the walk. If you merge that you get the best music.
Do you think there is a difference between South African / Mzansi Hip hop and Namibia Hip hop?
The only difference is the intertwined and unity, In Namibia we lack that. Everything else is pretty much the same.
How is the response from family and friends that you are in the hip hop game?
My family is super proud, I think they know that I was made for this and they support me. My friends are supportive too. They constantly share my stuff and can't wait for the blow up.
One word to describe Jyz Yorke
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@Jyzyorke everywhere.
Word of Motivation
Find your purpose and fulfil it. Be real and don't be scared to be portrayed as weak for your honesty. Tell your story it might save another soul. Have passion.
IMG 20180503 WA0026
Shout outs
Definitely my Mom's, My sisters, My nephews, The crew Straight Peculiar, Norman, Bradlow, Zack on the track, Johnson put in work, Triple m and Street life.

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