April 22, 2023

StanWizy shares his Experiences doing Gospel Hip hop in the Midst of other Rap types

Katlego Stanley Malesa aka Stanwizy, born 1994, is an influential Rap and Gospel Rap artist, entrepreneur , farmer and health care professional who’s determined to make a difference through his music.

Lives in New Polokwane, Originally from Phalaborwa

He’s a Dialysis Nurse and Electrical engineering student

StanWizy started writing music at age 14 years and only started seriously recording in 2014 and hasn’t stopped since then.
he has been mainly focused on conscious/ influential rap until early 2023 when he intergrated his faith to his sound to give it a Christian feel after seeing all the injustices caused by the recent churches that emerged lately and has managed to bag few hits under his name
He started a bottled water company called Salate and also founded the record label called Trueth Records previously
known as LED records
He’s a passionate farmer aswell and raises sheep and goats in his home village in Phalaborwa

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Christian Rapper doing Gospel Hip hop around your hood according to your experiences?

I would say that; in my hood I don’t know anyone who genuinely is a Christian Rapper,
They just have a moment when they do a Christian Rap song and I didn’t start off as a Christian rapper, I was an influential Rap / Conscious Rap artist who along the way found Christ. Giving myself to Him had to include my sound aswell. The biggest challenge is finding the right collab with people who genuinely wanna do music for God.


What achievements have you encountered in the Gospel Hip Hop Industry?

Haven’t reached the milestones I’m planning to hit, I just converted my sound to Christianity recently but so far I would say it is being able to transform people through Music to have a relationship with God.

How is the Response from your Family and Friends towards your Music?

Family and Friends understand my spiritual journey because I ignored my calling for a long time and wanted to do things my own way.
They are more excited to see me finally walking in the light

StanWizy… What is the story behind this Stage Name?

It initially was spelt Stan Wise , meaning Stan who brings wise words through music
Fans started calling me Wizy then the name adapted

If there was one thing you would like to change about Hip hop / Rap as a whole around your hood, what would it be?

Yeah, we lack authenticity, Rappers need to be original and genuine to their sound. We need to do away with copy cats copying what the popular artists are doing. And change the stereotype that rappers should curse and sexualise everything we do but rather use the platform as a tool to teach and reach out

How would you encourage people or artists to Shift to Gospel Hip Hop?

Firstly; I mean I encountered God through music and would hardly go to church, so most people who Hardly go to church listen to music, I mean everyone who seriously listening to rap is more interested in finding out something. I think it’s a great platform to preach. Churches are getting less and less trusted recently either way.
So i also I try to be an example so that people will follow, consecrate my life to God and be about what I preach and not be a hypocrite myself

Which One Song would you say People started loving or noticing StanWizy with?

Letter to my unborn baby - a song I wrote to my son before he was born

Dialysis, Bottled Water Business, Farming and Music, how do you balance all these?

It’s hell but when you love what you do you make time .
I work 4 days a week as a dialysis nurse
I record on my off days and I have a small circle of friends so when I’m alone it’s either I’m reading or writing something.
I partnered with a company that does the water for me upon only when I get orders so far.
As for farming I love animals more than anything so it’s not work for me but something I can do any time. So the animals I see them during weekends and there are people back at home who keep and care for them, I just overlook their overall health

Few years to come, Where will StanWizy be?

I see myself working with big names in the Christian Rap community even artist from overseas like Lecrae, Bryann T, Young bro

Who do you want to send your shout outs to?

To all the fans, My son Kgoshi and everyone who’s in this Rap industry to make change for the better. Christian or not
Not forgetting the Almighty God


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