November 20, 2016

Stukz - Don't go there ft Fahima (Lyrics)?

Stukz – Don’t go there ft Fahima (Lyrics)
[Pre-Hook: Fahima]
I see you chillin with your niggas,
Sendin me a text,
like you wanna come and get it,
Ayayaya baby boy don't go there,
Always wanna come around and we always having fun,
And we never wanna let go...
Baby boy don't go there,
Baby boy don't go there,
Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah X2
[Verse 1: Stukz]
Uh ducking emotions, stuck in the past,
Making it last,
stuck in the motion of motivating my niggas to never commit,
hit it and quit,
I reminisce,
Pay attention my nigga coz this is priceless,
Pay attention coz tension is in the air,
We promised we'd persevere,
We promised we'd never promise coz promises are never honest,
fuck it our love is rare...
Goddamn it my lady our love is there,
So why should we act like we never wanted to kick it?
You ain't the only victim,
the feeling is so addictive,
Whatsapp text, "where you at? I wanna chill",
You read that shit all I got were blue ticks.
Baby boy don't go there, nah boo don't go there,
Baby boy don't catch no feelings,
coz you know we shouldn't be doing this,
But every time I see you I go crazy but please boy never try to go there
[Verse 2:Stukz]
Racing back and forth back and forth,
Plan on moving forward,
but its crazy coz I'm fallin to the floor coz the force is pullin me
closer man I'm addicted,
The feeling is crazy but you ain't with it,
You fronting like "nigga you just a nigga",
You fronting but clearly you've got my back like a backpack,
fat stacks don't mean jack,
coz homey you just a nigga
And I'm just wildin,
thinking about Fahima
Somewhere inside my conscience I felt like I really need her,
Somewhere inside my conscience I conquered my biggest fears,
poppin a beer,
pull out my phone I see a flash,
Its only my niggas I put it back,
I was hoping it's you, I down my drank,
And time is of the essence dawg we quarter to rich,
And I'm drowning in that bottle playing down in a ditch,
Call you out like "baby think we can make it work"
She sat me down like "it hurts so" (baby boy don't go there)

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