November 14, 2016

Stukz's Interview

Stukz is a 22 year old musical genius from Tembisa. My real name is Nhlanhla I got the nickname Stukz from my late brother when I started making hip hop music and the rest as they say, is history.
What got Stukz into Hip hop?
My late brother actually got me into music... He used to play 2Pac (who happens to be my biggest influence) in his car all the time and as soon as I actually paid attention to the lyrics I was hooked. It wasn't long till I started writing my own lyrics and I was already into writing poetry so the transition to writing songs wasn't so difficult.
How is Mzansi Hip hop different from international Hip hop?
There's not really that much of a difference... I think we produce the same level of quality in terms of music the only thing the States has on us are years because they gave birth to it.
What makes Stukz different from other Hip hop artists?
Well my raps are a reality of where I come from, how I grew up and all the things that have happened to me in my life. Many call me conscious. In some cases I rap from the perspective of the watcher and sometimes I'm the participant which is something a lot of these rappers dont or let me rather say, can't do. They would rather talk about cars, women, parties, alcohol and ignore the fact that there are real issues in the world that need to be addressed.
Who are the Amazing people or Organizations have you worked with in this Hip hop game?
I work with Coalesce Nation Records which is the label I'm signed to, my producer Siz is an amazing human being his beats are too godly. I also have my own record label called Dreams Entertainment with my best friend Writer Roy and Mpho. Homeslyc production has helped me a lot with my videos. I've worked with Israelite who is an amazing vocalist, I've done a song with Fahima Sing another talented vocalist... I worked with my friend/producer his name is Dawgish, he also produced a few songs on my upcoming debut mixtape called Angels And Amazing Dreams. I am currently working on a few songs with Kick... The list is endless.
One Word to describe Stukz?
Who intimidates you in the Hip hop industry around your area and Why?
To my surprise no one. I think my music is good enough to be placed on the same pedestal as your Nasty C's,  whom they compare me with a lot. I have no fear only ambition.

  1. The complexity of relationships and how people are scared to commit. You can have two people who love each other like crazy but are scared to take it there because they don't wanna ruin whatever it is they have going on. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this song.

How do people reach Stukz if they want to know more and see more of your Work?
Twitter: Stukz_SA
Facebook: Stukz"
Instagram: Stukz7.
There are links to my music on all these social media platforms.
Word of Motivation?
If you have a dream you can't sit all day and hope it'll just appear. You need to go out there and make sure you get closer to it every single day. Watch and know your circle. Eagles don't hang out with chickens because chickens can't fly.
Halla at Em Stukz
I'd love to send a shout out to my parents man, for bringing me into this world and raising me to become the man I am today. Special shout out to my wife Thando, got mad Love for you girl. Much love to my dawgs Ajax, Writer Roy, Bozza, my manager Mpho, Sello, Mzizi, Tsholo and Slickback a.k.a The Kidnap king. My queen Kim, and Rap type Magazine for this amazing interview man big ups to Jay. CNR for life. Dreams for life. Homeslyc for life.
What happened on the day you got embarrassed in class during your childhood?
Awww man I can't even remember... I'd be lying man but a lot of embarrassing stuff has happened to me I'm too ashamed to say them now.
Drop that Siq Verse Stukz
The world is crazy succumbing to money power/
you freaken crazy there's war and you freaken cower/
we dream of the Eiffel tower/ we view it up in our browser/
and wish that we can reach it/
the mission is making billions and giving hope to the children/
give them a voice to listen/
the flow is highly addictive, vindictive shout out to Vincent/
I love you dawg bless your spirit/
and these moments dawg I appreciate my parents more/
tell them I love them everyday before they hit the morgue/
coz in that coffin dawg there ain’t no coming back/
lost my brother in a crash now I hate these freaken vans/
dropping bars to ease the pain/ saw my homey sniffing caine/
and I barely hit the weed so in my brain is he insane?
How's he gon take his life for granted dawg and sniff it all away/
plus his moms is on the bottle every goddamn day/
young Stukz/ young legend/
the verses in my rhyme book could turn me into a reverend/
Rap type Magazine wassup.
%%% End %%%

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