April 23, 2021

Tembisa Rapper "True Lies Mbong" Announces He's Still in The Game; Expect More Hits | Sazo Hlasela

True Lies Mbong is a Rapper Artist born on the 24th / 01 / 1997 at Kgabo Hospital in Pretoria and Grew up in Tembisa.

"I've always loved music until I got interested in making my own tracks after a friend of mine played me his track"

True Lies Mbong is a "Ivory Park Hip hop Awards" winner under a "Hip hop Album of the Year" category with his Album "The Book of Titus"


What else does What is it that most people think you are that you are actually not?

Most people think I'm a lier, one of the reasons why True Lies Mbong being my stage, name they all think it's weird ?


How is the Response from Your Family and Friends towards Your Music Journey?

The response is really Positive, they all believe in my craft and they all believe I'm destined for this


How has the Journey been from when you dropped "Hlasela" to your latest release?

There's been ups and downs but after Hlasela my street cred got uplifted, people started falling in love with My Music

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Your stage name True Lies Mbong", What's the story behind it?

Can't really say there's a story behind it, I just fell in love with the name


What makes a Good Hip hop Rapper according to your opinion and experiences?

Good music, good vibes, good personality, dope lyrics and I believe every Artist has to be humble no matter how Big they may be


What is the Good and the Bad thing about Mzansi Hip hop according to your experiences?

I just see the Mzansi hip hop game normal haven't noticed any bads and goods


Few years to come, where will True Lies Mbong be?

I will be owning a town house ?... kiddin' man in few years to come I will be making moves I will maybe on top of the Mzansi hip hop game


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Shout Outs

I'd like to send a shout out to my Mom and Dad, my team Darkstreets and My Partner Milano...

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