July 18, 2019

The CPT Rapper Kid Gap talks the Greatness of Mzansi Hip hop and How His "Gemini Split" Project Came About

I am an artist based in Cape Town at the moment however born in KZN In a small town called Dundee. I took interest in music in my early high school years with two of my school peers whom one of them is my long time collaborator and he goes by the name "Keozei". We started a Rap group back in 2010 which gave birth to Kid Gap the Artist. With Talent shows at school we never won any of the shows however we were always a crowed favorite which kept me inspired to seek more out of music. I finished high school with the same mindset of wanting to pursue music further so i studied at Cape Audio College and completed my course in 2018 as a qualified sound Engineer. My focus was always to be an artist so as soon as i graduated from college, I've been putting more focus on my music from an artist and songwriters perspective.
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Who or what got you into Hip hop?
I remember the first Hip Hop song that grabbed my attention was "T.I's - Big things poppin" song back in the early 2000s. I was on holiday with pops at the time i had seen the video on MTV and i have not looked back since. My older twin brothers took an interest in music as well when i was in primary school and would allow me to watch them record whenever i was around. That was fascinating to me as i got to see the process of making a song from scratch, so that defs amplified my passion for music.
If you were not into Hip hop,  what would you do?
That is a question that has never found a place in my thoughts since this is all i see myself doing, however if we are really to think about it.... i think i would be a voice over artist or a tv presenter. I have never seen myself to be the office type of person so my goals were always in the media industry.
What is the Best and the Worst thing abut hip hop according to your Experiences? 
Well as an up and coming artist i think the worst thing for me is that there is way to many people trying to be rappers ouchea that its hard for people to actually acknowledge that you might just be the next big thing and not another so called "Rapper".
The best thing about hip hop for me is that as much as it's something that started in 1970s it has found a way to remain relevant through out the years and the youth keep on expanding the culture and pushing it forward. Hip Hop is Timeless.
What is the Story behind your Project "Gemini Split"?
"Gemini Split" takes from the concept of the Gemini star sign which is basically twins stuck in one body. Its a 9 track project that has relationship songs that basically give you insight on relationship experiences that i have gone through whether good or bad.
Kid Gap... What is the story behind this Stage name? 
Growing up I was into athletics in primary school and I pretty much use to win most if not all my 100 meter races and i use to win with a good gap between myself and other kids in my division. My cousin just started calling Gap at some point and i stuck with it and apply the same focus into my music and that is to out shine and leave a gap between myself and competition.
How is the Response from Family and Friends towards Your Music Journey? 
Its been a long journey and not a easy one at times, especially having to convince my parents that this is not just a hobby but something I want to turn into an actual career. Over the years the folks have come around. I think i can honestly say my growth as an artist is due to my friends, i could never give enough credit to the gang.
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What keeps you going as a Rapper? 
Challenging myself as an artist overall is what keeps me going i try and not only focus on rap. I try to make myself as versatile as i can be, the "Gemini split" project is a good example of me trying to branch out into something more than a rapper however you should still be able to hear i write from a rapper's pen which is the root to my music.
Do you think Mzansi Hip hop is on point or it needs to be polished?
Personally I think we are doing the best that we can at the moment and we haven't reached our limit yet as the industry is still growing. There is more supporting brands and businesses to the culture in SA now than ever before and i think its crucial to acknowledge the growth considering how far we've come in the last 5 years alone.
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