December 23, 2018

The Namibian Rap Star "Profit" Pours Out The Motive Behind His Music and How other Rappers Inspire Him

My name is Panash, stage name Profit, I'm a 24year old artist from the suburbs of Khomasdal Windhoek. I have been doing music for over 7 years now with my popularity increasing after the last two years, I’m not new to this, I've worked with several established artist and performed at big events as well, I’ve worked with Jericho Berthold, Djay, Kanibal and Kalux just to mention a few.
I've performed at a lot of beauty pegents and main accomplishment is to share a stage with Cassper Nyovest fill up kuisebmund in 2015, Micasa in Swakopmund , a few established artists launches and my very own show that was held at DMT last year.
I've also performed at IUM cultural, lingus cultural fest, the MR and MRS unam. 2017 I've Hosted my own show, yet again in 2018 "Kasi music bash" that did well. Music has been part of me for as long as I can remember, it all started from a very young age, also I could say its in my Gene's. It all started with my dad being the ice breaker in our family, he started off his career in the entertainment business as an actor, followed by my brother who pursued his passion in dancing, which leaves me the artist.
In the year 2018 I have dropped a new single entitled Mamase doing good on social media and the radios . There will definitely be visuals out for the single very soon and as for the remainder of the year, I am busy working on an album, participate in as many shows that will be taking place, 2 June I'm in keetmanshoop for a winter bash and on the 30th June I'll be travelling to wavlis for another show
What got you into Hip hop?
It all started out behind my high school desk, at first it was all about rhythm, passion and story telling (poetry) to be exact, until one of my fellow classmates suggested that I should try music (hip-hop) to be specific.
Who are the Legends that you worked with on some of your projects?
I have had very influential encounters with several pioneer's, Jericho who didn't only mentor me but also made platform's possible for me to showcase my talents in Namibia, he is the First and Only hip-hop artist that won the Artist of the year award. Bertholdt Mbinda is another one known as the king of RnB, I've worked with him on couple of songs and he has helped me a lot in my career/ journey.
Who are the Legends that you wish to work with in the near future?
It’s always my dream to work with one of the best in the continent, the likes of Kwesta, Cassper nyovest, Nasty C and Youngsta CPT
What is the Motive behind your writings?
What motivates me the most is things we mostly experience in our everyday life; be it problems, relationships, good times or bad times. I listen to a lot of Cassper tunes as well as Drake and J-Cole. A lot of hype music from Rick Ross thus opens up my brain a lot and makes it easy for me to write and pour my heart out on the paper.
Single Mamase (a song sang by our elderly people back in the days), this song is by far the most recognised song in Namibia, I took the old form and modernized it with a fusion of Afro-Pop and hip-hop. Featuring our Male Artist of the Year 2018. The song speaks of a young man singing out for the girl he desires asking her mother for her hand in marriage. This song did very well with number one hits on radio.
Over 28kstreams and 12k downloads. The song is available on and
Wise Words
Having money doesn't make you, being broke does
Shout Outs
I want to send a shout out to my true and growing fan base that has being supporting the Profit Brand, I have made it so far with no label, self made and my PA Zulay Candice Van Wyk my support base, the lady that has been there for me when I felt down and out and giving up at times. I want to send a shout out my fellow artist that supported me as well as my mentors.

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