October 3, 2019

The Rap Crew "A Team" Fights against Gender Based Violence

Four estranged friends met up on neutral grounds to mess around in a mutual past time favorites... Making Music
The four friends are Jean-Jacques Markgraaff (EDDiE SKRUFF), Lwazi Tshoagong (Fleance The ART), Nimrod Matjeke (Dormin Cheques) and Ezekiel Letsholo (Eazi).
It all started as fun and games until the recording of the 2018's single "Chapter One" where the four realised that as a team they sound better... The months went by and bookings were made prominently in Potchefstroom and Carletonville. The team have since matured and grown to new heights musically this is very much evident in their current lead single "SOMETIMES" a light serenade with heavy hitting 808's and a soft old time lo-fi sample... Song produced by Eddie Skruff, hook also by him... The team aims to dominate the charts with their unique off grind out of worldly sound.... What better way to do that than with a brilliant team!
The A Team... How did you guys come up with this name for the Crew?
The name came a long as an idea we had, that it's better to move in numbers to get the job done and if we look at super hero history, The A Team mostly accomplished missions as a team.
Many Crews break apart as they grow but you guys stuck together. What makes you to stay strong as a crew?
Not to sound cliché but in all honesty it's been the music, and also the fact that we know how to deal with internal beef.
What is the Good and the Bad thing about hip hop in your hood according to your experiences?
Carletonville, the city we are from is a house dominated area, so pushing hip-hop is a real hassle, but the good thing is now the younger generation is now more involved in entertainment events side of things, so hip hop is getting it's time to shine now.
Few years to come, Where will The A Team be?
Chart topping, but as a label. The dream has always been to turn A Team into more than just a music group but for it to become more of a label pushing young artists.
What is the Motive behind most of your writings of your music?
That's actually funny because, the way we record is as such. We would chill, EDDiE SKRUFF would make a beat usually inspired by his daily routine or something, then someone would come up with a hook and then bang, we have a song.
What is that one mistake that you think upcoming artists do that blocks their breakthrough in the music industry?
Being self absorbed, thinking their style of music is the one and not being able to climb out their box.
If it wasn't for Hip hop, Where would The A Team Be?
Nowhere, that's plain and simple.
What is The A Team's side of view towards Gender Based Violence?
Wrong, wrong and wrong, You can't be anymore wrong than that, hitting a woman or even a child is just wrong on so many levels.
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Big S/O to the whole 2499 the real city of Gold!
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