January 7, 2019

The Rap Star Gurd Grill Releases "Self Control" (The Album); Expression of Thoughts On Issues Not Spoken

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I go by the name Ziggy Thunder also known by my stage name “Gurd Grill”... a Namibian Hip hop artist, born and raised in a small town In the northern part of Namibia called “Rundu”.
I’ve been in the music game ever since 2010 but 2012 is when I got my recognition till to date.
What got you into Hip hop?
I fell in love with hip hop from a very young age... My dad had all the 2pac classics and I would play his cassettes when he wasn’t around... may he (Rest in Peace)
If you were not into hip hop, what would you do?
I’d be a pilot or an astronaut because I love being high
What is the Motive behind your writings?
Self Control is my latest and first album... this album is more of an expression, I expressed my thoughts on issues I never spoke about, as an artist I feel like I should be able to say things that can change peoples ideas on certain things and that’s what I did in my album
Do you think Namibia Hip Hop is different from other Countries Hip hop?
Not really, I think Namibian hip hop is in the right direction, Even thou we have some locks to break such as favouritism when it comes to events, radio airplays & TV plays… I'll say most event organizers are some how crooked they put on who they like and not who’s best at the moment
What is the Best and Worst thing about Hip hop according to Your Experiences?
The best thing about it is I love what I do but the worst is not getting enough time to spend with my family
Who do you wish to work with one of the good days in the hip hop game?
Kwesta, sarkodie, tekno, M.i
How is the response from Family and Friends that you are in this Hip hop game?
They love it and support me big time… they’re my biggest fans I’d say
Wise Words
Consistency is key, put GOD Above everything..
Shout Outs
Shout out to all my fans ... and not to forget everyone should check out my latest music video “meditation “

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