September 6, 2018

The Rapper Cribby Presents #HighTimes: The New Gear and Entertainment in The Game


#HighTimes came to me one day in my early 20s by the time I was in a really bad place, I was sitting there contemplating about life, it  felt like I was stuck in a Labyrinth and I couldn’t get out. So I thought to myself “it is high time I get myself out of this maze, the time is now.” And that’s when I used my creative and artistic abilities to turn the idea into a brand.
It is a brand that embraces style, quality and customer satisfaction, it naturally appeals to young passionate and self-driven entrepreneurs who are aspiring to take on the fashion industry.
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What is the best and worst thing about Fashion industry according to your experience?
Well, the fashion industry is huge and growing rapidly, employing over a million people around the world. This gives people an opportunity to experience and learn about different cultures and ideas, and this for me, is the best thing about it. However the worst thing I’ve experienced about this industry is that there is no direct relationship with the customer and so that makes it difficult to engage and reach maximum customer satisfaction.
What changes will #HighTimes bring to the fashion industry in the near future?
#Hightimes is working on creating a platform where direct contact between the consumer and the seller is first priority. And it also focuses on creating opportunities for fearless creatives willing to showcase their God-given talents in designing, modelling, or photography. We might have the same ideas, but knowing how to enact an idea is the key.
What items does #HighTimes offer?
The brand offers: hoodies, caps, T-shirts, track-tops, shorts, socks, bucket-hats, gym wear, skirts and dresses. I will be working more on seasonal-clothing in the next few months, which means there will be more items to check out. Stay tuned.
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How do people reach Cribby or #HighTimes if they want to know and see more of your work?
People can reach me on my personal mobile: 078 056 1897
email me on [email protected].
Also catch me on social media channels:
Instagram –@ cribby7_
Twitter – cibby7_
Facebook – Dimpho Cribby
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Is Cribby still in the music game or #HighTimes took over?
Cribby is still in the music game. Music has been and always will be home. It is the heart and soul of the brand. It is my childhood, my peace, my struggle, my power, my pain, my everything... Nothing and no one will ever take my love for music away from me. I live music, I breathe music and I sleep music. As the prominent Lou Rawls once said “Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.”
Wise Words
Simply have faith in your abilities, your potential is unlimited. Be the best at what you do and most importantly, do what makes you happy. “Talent is like a tree, nurture it every day.”
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Shout outs to?
To my family, they are my greatest supporters. And to everyone who supports my music and brand.

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