June 4, 2019

The Rapper Eezy Drops his new hit "Snooze Alarm" | More to come for Youth Day

Inspired by his Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) roots, Mxolisi Dlamini, also known as Eezy by his peers has always had lyrical style and experimental beats attached by his diverse culture growing up. Now as a recording artist, his intentions are no different and aims to create music that can resonate with the youth his age.
The rapper and entrepreneur recently launched his single ‘’Snooze Alarm’’ at the popularly known Booth Sandton where he made strides as a new artist in the music scene. Taken off his latest single, the upcoming artist highlights some of his struggles of breaking into the industry and how he had to maintain consistency through the years while seeking for a ‘’lane’’ to position himself as a Zulu influenced young man.
Bringing hip hop and rap, Eezy’s passion for music allowed him to express himself in a strict household where sharing his emotions and thoughts was regarded as disrespectful. Like most African households, men are seen as warriors whether old or young and should be the strongest member of the family, which Eezy argues can still be done by expressing one’s emotions and perspectives. He hopes to use his verses to relate to individuals that are restricted from being their true selves and aren’t accepted in society or traditional backgrounds for their creative identities.
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Eezy looks forward to collaborating with house hold names within the industry, as well as release the video of ‘’Snooze Alarm’’ later this year. Eezy just completed his Cape Town club tour at Saints, Apollo and Pretoria night club and continues with his radio tour, aimed at setting alight your ringing alarms!
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5Yrw8lgu8h3HG6S17z0rQY
Ice Kream Mag Article: https://icekream.co.za/2019/04/12/eezy-drops-new-single-titled-snooze-alama/
Apple Music:
Artist: Eezy
Title: Snooze Alarm
Produced by: Menzi Cebekhulu
Lyrics by: Mxolisi Dlamini
Publishing by: Ezy Entertainment
Label: Ezy Entertainment
(Attached image of Eezy)
Eezy is currently available for interviews.
Connect with Eezy socially:
Twitter: @eezywayout_
Instagram: @eezywayout_
Facebook: www.facebook.com/eezywayout
For press enquiries: [email protected]/ +2760 704 3594

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