October 14, 2019

The Rapper Hanoch drops a Prayer Song "Bless My Grind"

My name is Hanoch, born Sandile Nyundu from Mpumalanga, I grew up in a Place called Clau-Clau and currently staying in Cape Town. I recently released a song called Bless My Grind (prod. By Fya Philly) It’s a prayer to God that He must bless my Grind and give me more money. As I say, more money since it makes the world go around and I wanna use it to take care of some things. I wrote the song after looking around and wishing to make a difference. Especially providing for the homeless and for those students who can’t afford tuition because they  are from a poor background. Although I don’t reveal much in the song but it also ties in the fees I owe for my university. I needed money. Being born without enough and after varsity you already have a debt and a family to take care when your Salary it’s not enough to cover everything, it’s really interesting. Lot of people are going through such and all I’m asking (wrote the song on their behalf) God bless our grind so that we can have enough “I got some stuff to take care”, as I mentioned in the song. I acknowledge that silver and gold belongs to God , thats why I’m asking him to bless my grind. I also make it clear that let not my love be on money that I even take a life. I simply need it but I don’t love it. Of which is two things that many people confuse. 

The song is on most digital platforms, including Sportify, Deezer, Google Play, YouTube Music, ITunes, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. Just search “Hanoch Bless My Grind”. It’s also available for stories on Instagram and Facebook.

I ask everyone to feature the song on their stories and tag me on social media: Hanoch World, On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can hit my website for more information about me and my music: hanoch.co.za . I pray God bless Your Grind. 


One link to all links for Song: https://smarturl.it/5bwu10

website: https://www.hanoch.co.za/

Social media



Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/hanoch_world

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