April 3, 2019

The Rapper Lekkersweet Appears on Giyani Land of Blood TV Series that Plays on SABC 2

How is the feeling of seeing yourself on a series that is being watch by almost the whole South Africa?
It is indeed a great feeling. It shows that I am chosen among the millions to represent Limpopo and I am forever grateful of it.
You've been appearing on quite a lot of TV programmes, Would You say this one maybe your greatest breakthrough or it is a normal activity that you always do?
For me, it shows that the future is too bright. It's a sign that this is what I was born to do. Maybe one day it will feel like a normal activity but my latest feature gave me goosebumps when I saw myself. It's good to do something that feels like a challenge because it helps you grow and give yourself a room for improvement.
Acting and Rapping... How are you handling or balancing the two?
For now it is easy to balance them because I just got supporting roles. Rapping is what I do everyday but it's obvious that you cannot perform everyday, so even the day I get a leading role, I will be able to balance both. When I write stories through lyrics on my songs I also feel like I'm boosting my acting career because I take every song as a story.
What is your Character on Giyani Land of Blood and How do you feel about that Character?
On Giyani Land of Blood I am featured as a policeman. Since it is a supporting character, it does have too much of a background, but I guess it shows the perception that people from various walks of like view Richard Mudau in the society. Just my own understanding of the character.
What is the Difference between Lekkersweet the Rapper, Sammy Thoke in Everyday life and Your Character at Giyani Land of Blood
Not too different. People must just understand that Lekkersweet the Rapper is a story-teller and represents the voice of the society as music is a social commentary. So what Lekkersweet says in music may not always expresse everything that Sammy self-expression but what affects the society. Sammy Nthoke is a social person who values Education and he is the one who understands Lekkersweet better than everyone.
How is the Response from Family and Friends that you appeared on Giyani Land of Blood?
The response is overwhelming. The day I shot the Giyani scene I thought small about it but the impact it has is gigantic and got people asking if they will continue seeing me or not. I got more than 50 calls, more than 100 what's app messages and more than 30 tags and mentions on Facebook and Twitter. All those responses were coming from various parts of South Africa. It's amazing.
Is the Response different on Your Music Career from Your Acting Career?
The only difference is my music has not got so much exposure on a national platform. However, in terms of response, there are songs that I release and they get so much attention to extend that I also feel like the only aspect that is lacking is PR
What More can the Fans Expect from Lekkersweet?
More music from Lekkersweet. More acting. Just more.
Who do you want to send your Shout Outs to?
Shout out to everyone who supports my music and all the work I do in the entertainment industry. I am nothing without support.

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