January 2, 2019

The Rapper Ngwato Maimane Introduces a Massive EP: SPENCER - "The Original Hip Hop Lovers Will Be Boobing Their Heads To Spencer!"

If you can listen to pretty much anything at any time, it’s not really about getting the most for your money. You’re already getting too much.
Ngwato Mamiane is a multi-talented artist, famously known as Nyiko Masilo on the popularly watched telenovela, Scandal dropped his EP entitled Spencer on the 30th of September 2018. Spencer is a conceptual project which was released with a comic and birthed from raising above personal tribulations.
Ngwato has mastered the art of live performance and continues to bring his very best in the entertainment industry.
His schooling career started at Lumukisa in Acornhoek, matriculated at Penryn College in Nelspruit. The passion for performance was recognised in high school where he performed at multiple talent shows.
With education being dear to his mother’s heart, in 2012 Ngwato enrolled at The University of Johannesburg to study BCOM in Finance, he dropped out as he knew that finance wasn’t part of his purpose. Ngwato decided to follow his dream and registered at AFDA where he later graduated with a BA in Live Performance.
His tenacity, commitment and drive to succeed earned him his first gig last year November on Scandal.
Ngwato is about to shine the light brighter in the entertainment industry with his craft
Who or what got you into Hip hop?
My cousin introduced me to hip hop when I was young and I took an instant liking to it; one day I discovered a 2pac instrumental on one of the mp3 disks he had burned for me, the rest is beautiful history.
Who are the Artists that you've worked with in some of your projects?
I am yet to work with any legends but all the artists featured on my EP are artists that I admire a lot.
IMG 95111
Who are the Artists that you wish to work with in the near future?
A very tricky question; as for now I’m mostly excited about the possibilities of working with young talent. I’m hoping to wrap up collaborations with “Love, Sechaba” and LEO.
What's the Motive behind your Writings?
At the moment my writings are rooted in Hope.
Spencer is a 7 track EP. The concept came about when I realized just how much my nephew looks up to, I feel like a superhero - so I created one; the EP is accompanied by a comic (coming in February) written by myself and illustrated by Yolisa Mbeka.
How is the Response from family and friends towards your Music Journey?
Love from friends and family keeps me going, also, embracing other people’s art reminds me of the beauty in what we do
and why we do it.
IMG 9461
Shout Outs
A supernova shout out to Siphelele Mkhabela, credited as 3RDMND on my EP. Thank you for all the work you put into mixing the project, without you there is no Spencer as we know it.

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