November 23, 2020

The Rapper Zulu Finesse, tells it like it is on why Mzansi Hip hop struggles to dominate the global scene

Johannesburg based, Zulu Finesse is a Hip Hop Music Artist from KwaZulu Natal, Ladysmith. He showcases his uniqueness throughout his use of the Zulu language in his music. He is also an an extremely outspoken and opinionated individual and tries his utmost best to influence and educate through his music.
In 2020 he released a single tilted Egoli where he shared his experience getting to Johannesburg and the continued journey he’s on. Zulu Finesse can also be heard co-hosting a talk show on VMC Planet Radio every Tuesday morning.
He is also working on new music that is set to be released at the top of 2021
Who or what got you into Hip hop?
The movie 8 MILE by EMINEM, when I watched it for the first time I was really fascinated by the way they played with words and I wanted to do what they did.
Besides being a Rapper, what else does Zulu Finesse do?
Zulu Finesse is a former Construction Site Manager, I have recently resigned to pursue my dreams of getting into and dominating the entertainment industry, I am currently a Radio Co_Host and I am also persuing other business endevours within the entertainment space.
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What is the good and the bad thing about Hip hop in South Africa according to your experiences?
BAD: Hip hop in South Africa is pretty much the same as the hip hop in America, we want to dress, talk and rap like Americans. And I strongly believe we cannot dominate the global scene as copycats. We need to come up with our own unique styles and allow our own cultures to influence our culture in hip hop, hip hop has been in South Africa long enough we should own it and customize it as we wish.
GOOD: What is good about hip hop is, we do have people or artists here in South Africa who have pioneered a unique style, it can either be of rapping or clothing e.g Blaq Diamond, Big Zulu, Riky Rick, Okmalumkoolcat and ofcourse myself ?.
Few years to come, where will Zulu Finesse be?
In a few years to come Zulu Finesse will have penetrated the entire local scene, influencing and starring the hip hop culture towards an African Centre.
What is the motive behind most of the Music that you write?
Conversations, I make music to entertain while I educate at the same time. I seek to spark conversations amongst people, I want us to question the ways in which we think, our daily life routines and our general observation of the world.
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Zulu Finesse, what is the story behind this stage name?
Zulu Finesse simply means, someone who is good with use of the Zulu Language. I finesse isiZulu, whenever I have a certain concept in my mind, I find it easy to express it creatively in isiZulu.
How is the response from your Family and Friends towards your music craft?
The overrall response is positive, even though some family members are a bit skeptical but at the end of the day, the life you live is yours and you can either choose to pursue your dreams, aspirations and live the way you want to live or you can live the way other people want you to live, which in my opinion is a sad life.
However, I am grateful for the overrall support I am getting.
What is one mistake that Upcoming artists do that delays their breakthrough?
I would say, it is self doubt. Looking at this gigantic industry and thinking you are not good enough. Napoleon Hill once said "whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."
What makes a good Rapper?
I believe it is great story telling, learning how to speak your truth.
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Shout Outs
I would like to send shoutouts to my girlfriend, my family, my friends, Shezi Entertainment & MMC records.


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