September 27, 2018

The Rapping Pastor Julz Bakunzi Doing the Most around Downtown Joburg

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Well my full name is Julius Bakunzi. Originally born in Uganda and grew up in Mafikeng. I'm currently serving as a pastor at 'Every Nation Church' in Braamfontein Johannesburg and I've been there since 2013.
Who or what got you into Hip hop?
Well as a consumer, I've been into hip hop since before I was a teen… I kind of stumbled into poetry, when as a kid we were trying to impress girl’s ha-ha… and then that slowly developed into Hip Hop and a general passion for music and the arts
What is the Best and worst thing about Hip hop according to your experience?

  • Best thing about hip hop is the art itself… there is nothing like the beauty of painting pictures, telling stories and experessing yourself through this medium of rythm and rhyme. Hip hop is the only Genre where almost every artist has written a song solely about their Love for Hip Hop
  • I can’t really say there is a worst part to Hip Hop… I guess it's the reality that when most people think of Hip Hop they think of sex drugs and violence, all very negative elements. And not Social commentary, Revolutionaries, Conciousness or any positive influences from the art

You are a Pastor (Word of God) and a Rapper (Money, Pride and Lust), how do you balance the two and how is the response from family, friends and church members that you are in Hip hop?

  • The balance for me is in the content, hip hop is a tool, the tool is not evil in itself, but what the tool is used for can be positive or negative.
  • And as far as response, It ranges all the way from excitement and support to hesitation and discouragement of that path. However in all honesty I have had more support than discouragement

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Would you say that you are one in a million that you are a pastor in hip hop?

  • Ha ha... well not in a million... perhaps in a few thousands... haha... there are definitely other rappers and pastors. That south africa is yet to see.
  • I also think that with Christian Hip Hop as a Genre, most artists don't just see themselves as performers, but as ministers. And their music as a tool for ministry, so there is definitely a strong pastoral posture in Christian Hip Hop

What is the Motive behind your writings?
For me it's about Entertainment, Inspiration and Evangelism… By Entertainment I mean the music has to be excellent and enjoyable to people. By inspiration I want to make music that touches hearts, not just music about God but music about life that impacts lives. And by Evangelism I definitely want the music to create opportunities to speak to people about God
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What changes do you wish to make to the South African Hip hop music industry?
I went to the South African Hip Hop Awards and not even one Christian Rapper was mentioned… I pray that my contribution to the industry will help grow Christian Hip Hop in the country and perhaps the world
Who are the great artists have you worked with in this Hip hop game?
Well at this stage I haven't worked with alot of artists, so the greatest artist would have to be my current producers and people I am collaborating with at the moment
What amazing places have you travelled that made you fall more in love with Hip hop?
Oh, that's a tricky question… don't really have an answer for that
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MY Handle is @JULZGOODMUSIC across all social media platforms. (FB, Twitter, Insta, Youtube etc)
People can also visit my website at
Surely there’s someone out there who wishes to be like Julz, how can you motivate them?
Wow… I'd say, Run after God with everything you got... Work Hard on your Gift every chance you get and commit to both the Goal and the Process of achieving it
Who do you want to send your shout outs to?
Well as always, shout out to Wifey, shout out to my family and shout out to everybody I'm working with… can't do any of this without y'all
below is the video of Ps Julz Rapping in Joburg Downtown

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