June 8, 2019

The Sky is Not even The Limit for The Rapper Kingsox | New Face of Mzansi Hip Hop

South African rapper Soyama Penelope Mbeshu, well known as “Kingsox” was born in Cape Town in a small township called Mbekweni. He was born on 28 January 1998. He grew up with his Mother, Father, Sister and two Brothers. He went to New Orleans Secondary School in Paarl. He is currently studying Marketing at the University of South Africa.
Music Career
Kingsox is a hip hop/ rap artist and a producer, he’s always shown interest in rap music ever since he was a little boy. at the age of 13 Kingsox was already spitting some bars and he was producing the songs for himself as well, since he was exposed to recording equipment which was used buy his older brother “Smasheats”who is a retired rapper, kingsox spent most of his high school years practising how to produced music and how to rap. He started with his crew called Youngnova where he recorded and produced many songs that were never released. Kingsox joined another group called Yn-Frontliners in 2015 where he was a producer as well, they released three songs: “Turn up Juice, Too much Sauce and FWT
But as you know in life, things don’t always go the way we want them to, sometimes you land in a place you never thought you would, in 2018 kingsox became a solo artist and started his journey while making a name for himself, in May 2018 Kingsox released his first single called “My life
Followed by “Lights
In October 2018 he sold his third single “Blunt breakfast
which is available on 150+ online stores.
He is currently working on a new mixtape called “Bring it back to the Crib” which he says is a short documentary about his future plans, it is going to be released on 31 July 2019 and consists of 8 songs.
Kingsox performed at various gigs and local events in cape town. kingsox was invited for radio interviews in several radio stations. he has been mentioned in 3 cape town magazines. Kingsox hosted two local hip hop/rap shows in Mbekweni, the first one was in October and the other one in December 2018. Kingsox entered the #Capetowndecypher challenge in January, he is currently a member of #unsignedcapetown, an air for independent artists. Kingsox entered the #liftasyourisechallenge by Nasty C and put his 16 bars on the song Alabama. Kingsox has been invited to Cape Town TV for an interview on 24 may 2019.
Message from kingsox
Kingsox believes that music is life, and it is his source of inspiration. A person doesn’t just rise up at once, you can fall down and rise up again because life has no recipe, no one is perfect and everyone is allowed to make mistakes. Kingsox wants to perfect his musical talent in order to better express his passion, struggles he faces as an upcoming artist. His goal is to leave a mark on the music industry and collaborate with other established artists in the industry
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kingsoxtherapper/
Twitter https://twitter.com/kingsox_sa
Ig https://www.instagram.com/king_sox_music/
Kingsox :0846498834
Manager: 0627273932
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Who is that one Rapper that you look at and be like... "I want to be like that guy"?
Specifically, I get inspiration from different sounds especially from Kanye West, J.Cole & a little bit of Kendrick Lamar here and there.
Hip hop has a lot of rappers in Mzansi,  what makes you different from other Mzansi Rappers?
Not to disrespect anyone but I would say the unpredictability of my sound says it all, for example (lights-dancehall) to a song like blunt breakfast which is a complete different perspective of the total idea of kingsox and take a look at the recent single I just dropped, I bring you a little taste of my rapping side which more of it going to be in my upcoming mixtape called bringitbacktothecrib dropping in July 2019.
Who is your intimidation around your block with making hits?
I don't get intimidated, I get inspired .and learn.
What is the Good and The Worst thing about Hip hop according to Your Experiences? 
It can change you for the good or the worst, depending on your approach .sometimes what we are shown on tv and our social media platforms are the "good times" the mainstream artist "benefits" and that misperception is the "death of many upcoming artist careers" I’ve seen it happen too many times.
What is the motive behind your writings? 
The priceless moments I went through in life good or bad. And hopefully I can touch and maybe change a life or two out there.
What can the fans expect from your coming Documentary? 
"Great music" especially from my mixtape titled bring it back to the crib that is dropping in July 2019, I am proud to say one of the songs in the mixtape I am featured by a great hip hop and rap artist called lusive who is from Bronx, united states. Lastly expect the unexpected.
KINGSOX... What's the story behind this stage name? 
The name started as just plain Sox. But throughout the different stages of my music journey I’ve been getting crowned like "yow this kid is good “so the day I decided to finally register my music (samro) they told me the system might reject the application because of the name ,it already exist in their data base used by a different artist so I thought I cannot change my name, where do I begin thinking of a new name and it all made sense I should just crown myself and put king in front of Sox
How is the Response from family and friends towards your music Journey? 
Obviously at first it had its ups and downs whereby my parents said music is not a career especially rap music they say it is influenced by drugs and all other bad things, they say they did not understand the language. But today I have my whole family’s full support and my mother is my biggest fan and now almost everyone sees the dream or should I say vision. My friends have always been there for me since day one.
Few years from now,  where will kingsox be?
The vision is to expand the music all across the globe. My goal is to own a record label so that I can give a chance to many struggling young upcoming artists like me who work so hard but finds it so hard to get exposure or support. I want to see myself collaborating with a-list artists from all over the world. But from now until that happens, I am going to put an extra effort to make sure the brand is growing, and hopefully I will be a permanent resident in the mainstream industry.
Who do you want to send your Shout Outs to ? 
First of all I want to thank God for giving me the talent and also for keeping on creating opportunities for me. A very big shout out to the co-founder of kingsox music that is also my manager (miss tee) and last but not least I want to say thank you to all my fans for supporting me.
which was released in July 2018 with a music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1llcvy5yuu

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