July 15, 2017

The U.S Rapper Slim Vegas

I'm an independent artist based out of Atlanta Georgia. Originally from South Carolina, partially raised in New York City. Around the age of 16 I started off writing poetry, made beats and those poems formed into lyrics to the beats i made. I didn't begin recording music until I got to college at the age of 18. I've been making music ever since.
Why Hip hop?
Music/Hip hop chose me. Becoming a hip hop artist wasn't something I wanted to do. It was the path God led me to.
American vs other countries Hip hop. What’s the difference?
No difference. Music is music. No matter genre, where you’re from. Music is how you express yourself so it doesn't matter to me.
Do you listen to Mzansi Hip hop? If yes, who do you think runs South African Hip hop?
Honestly I can't say I listen to S. African hip hop, but I have heard a few songs before. I love the vibe.
What makes Slim Vegas different from other Hip hop stars?
What makes me different is that everyone has a story to tell and no one’s story is the same. Only Slim Vegas can tell the Slim Vegas story.
Great guns you worked with on your work? Let’s hear…
Over the years I've worked with many great producers and artist but I have a team that I continue to work with. Check out Kash wita K, Look Alive, and Windsor Jones. Just to name a few. They are some dope up and coming artist.
One word to describe Slim Vegas?
You have what it takes to improve Hip hop to another level right?
I think I have a gift that will really touch the people. I will let my listeners decide.
Follow Slim Vegas on;
Follow me, Slim Vegas on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. My YouTube channel is Slmvegas1. Soundcloud is soundcloud.com/slimvegas. Check out my latest project In My Own Words on Livemixtapes and Spinrilla.
Your intimidation with dropping lines?
I only fear God. Anyone else poses no threat.
Word of Motivation to the fans?
I try to make sure in my music I let the people know that no matter whom you are, where you from you can defeat the odds and be whatever it is you set your mind to be.
Hala at em Slim
Shout out to my team All in Certified and shouts out to S. Africa for the love
God 1st
Love yourself
Stay true to who you are
Strive for excellence
Never give up
Consistency is key

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