August 31, 2020

The Young Guns By Soul (YGBS) Gang Raise the Flag high Pushing the Hip hop Culture in their Hood

The Origin of the gang started like any other cliché typical township story of boys from the hood, also from the same block being childhood friends who were exposed to a rare environment, similar struggles, love and passion for art as a whole; be it dancing, singing, producing music, drawing, rapping or any sort of aspect that represented art.
Seeing that majority of the crew members required skills and talents, same values and relative long-term goals sparked a thought to one of the co-founders (Lex Lega) of why not use the little buzz and small popularity we were receiving from our peers at that time and initiate something legit for our image?! sort of like brand ourselves and our expertise, and create an official household name. That’s when the term “Young Guns” which simply means People (especially young men), who have lots of energy and talent, and are becoming very successful. That caught our attention and gave the exact description of what we were and what we are striving for, that’s when also Tshepang “TP” Modibedi and Amogelang “Amo-Gee” Molotsane (co-founders) added with the words “By Soul”, concluding the oath we’ve set for ourselves.
Members of the gang
Lex Lega: Leader & co-founder, musician, entrepreneur, one of the NTK Movement ambassadors, president of Wrong Road Lords.
Khino: NTK Wave Trap Artist, NTK Wave pioneer, musician, model, stylist, one of the NTK Movement ambassadors.
SVNTHWAVE: Music producer, NTK Wave sound pioneer.
Keviin: NTK Wave artist, Musician, one of the NTK Movement ambassadors.
• Lyzer: ½ of the house music Djs duo “GrooveFanatic”, music producer, DJ, head manager of NPEMG Records.
L-man: ½ of the house music Djs duo “GrooveFanatic”, DJ, music producer.
B-man: Dancer, choreographer, one of the NTK Movement ambassadors.
Boyce: Entrepreneur, music producer, MCB apparel co-owner.
Odiie: Graphic designer, designer.
Dogg Pound: Co-founder & manager of NTK Movement.
Sandile: Co-founder & PR of NTK Movement, singer.
Amo-Gee: Co-founder, musician, entrepreneur.
TP: Co-founder, entrepreneur.
Labingo Bodese: Gang member.
BeseNizi: Dancer, entertainer, one of the NTK Movement ambassadors.
Arsenal: Gang member.
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From the day YGBS Gang was created to today, How has the Music journey been?
Honestly speaking, we feel like we’re still on the journey and that we haven’t yet reached the point whereby a question like this would be raised, we can confidently respond you with a well-deserved answer but judging from where it all began, it has been a very rough road, obviously filled with memorable events and lessons, we can safely say a lot of growth has shown in our music and also the knowledge and experiences we get to share with our fans has incredibly changed in terms of what’s happening in the modern world currently, also to add, we would proudly agree that we have established a name for our sound and instead of following clout, we maintained to innovate our authentic style within our music.
What are the few things that Make a Crew / Team Strong?
Well according to us; loyalty covers overall of parts that makes a crew to be strong, us being loyal to one another has proven us that it’s okay to express your feelings and emotions to an individuals whom you might feel or think are putting you out of your senses, being transparent and sustaining happiness amongst one another are factors that contributes to making a crew strong, but one thing we would mention that has kept the crew solid for these years is the fact that each one of us knows each individuals weaknesses and we take means to assist one another with them.
What is One Mistake that other Crews do that makes them to Collapse or Fall apart?
Getting lost in their sauce and completely forgetting the main purpose why they started doing what they’re doing in the first place. But logically, money is always the problem.
What is the good and the bad thing about Hip hop in Your Hood according to your experiences?
Good thing about hip hop in our hood is that it teaches life lessons better than the school system, the culture itself saves most lives of youth and gives them an opportunity to express themselves creatively and get to raise their voices so they be heard.
Bad thing about hip hop in our hood is that some lyrical contents can persuade one innocent boy to start living a life he won’t maintain or sustain, it can lead you into a life of criminals which both you and I know the only way to exist such life is two ways.
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What is the Motive behind most of tracks?
The drive and passion we have for our craft, also the hunger for success we owe to ourselves.
Who is the Funniest and the "Mr Serious" in the crew?
B-man certainly he is the funniest, he's one of those people who want to see the whole gang happy. Lyzer is the Mr Serious of the gang.
Few Years to come, where will YGBS Gang be?
In a few years to come we strongly believe YGBS GANG would have set a change in the South African hip hop community and also be recognized globally, better yet each member with a successful run in his career. Currently we invest in each artist of the NPEMG records, marketing them solely and individually so each has their own specific market and fan base.
How is the Covid-19 Lockdown-SA affecting your music as YGBS Gang?
2020 has been a complex and unusual year, to think that a lot was due from us this year, this pandemic really affected us terribly because we had to rearrange our yearly schedule and plans, not to mention cancel our annual concert (NTK 3rd Wave), and we had to go back to the drawing board and come up with an alternative strategy to attain some potential objectives we’ve set for this year. Khino was supposed to release a project but unfortunately the procedure got postponed due to the lockdown.
Shout Outs
First and foremost, shout out to every genuine and day one hard-core YGBS GANG fan, the support is visible and highly appreciated, God bless ya”ll. Shout out to our manager Boipelo for trusting the process and putting faith in the movement, we blessed to be having someone coordinating a gang full of bulls in the right path, shout out Punyete Premier League (Loationver Pounds, Khalee G & Comansot) for being part of the project also Broke Boi Jeff and Earl P, massive shout out to Earl P for his talented skills and knowledge. Shout out the whole NTK Movement, SMF, DopeKing TMG, Pixl dott co-CEO Kabelo, our humble cinematographer Zano Bex films and major salute to the realest land and their people NorthPart and not to forget our CBD brothers , from us YGBS GANG we say Aye Pele!.
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Social Media Handles:
Twitter: @YGBS_NTK
FB: @YoungGunsNTK
IG: younggunsbysoul0268

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