June 27, 2018

This is How ER Beats Feels Producing "Shaka Zulu" by Cruz Afrika

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ER "Eazy Manamela" Beats as versatile, talented hip hop producer & artist born and bred in one of dusty villages of Tzaneen, Khujwana (Limpopo)
Why did you choose to be a producer?
ER ain't just your favourite rapper's favourite producer, He might as well be your favourite rapper's favourite rapper.ER got bars too but he finds joy in producing than being behind the mic.
What makes ER Beats different from other producers?
IMG 20180606 WA0025
You produced one of the hits in Mzansi hip hop, ”Shaka Zulu” by Cruz Afrika, what’s the motive behind the awesome beat and how was the experience working with Cruz?
I can't lie; working with Cruz Afrika helped me grasp a lot about the music industry and also helped me to grow as a producer.
Who are the other guys that you have worked with / produced for in the music industry in total?
I've also produced & worked with Mopedy and Slumkidd. Lately I've been working with upcoming artists, things 'bout to change now.
How is the response from family and friends towards your music journey?
I know mama is praying for me, obviously I got her full support and she's the reason why I keep on hustling hard. Basically "I don't have friends”, everybody supporting & buying my music is my friend.
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How is the response from your clients and other producers especially that you produced the Shaka Zulu hit?
"Shaka Zulu" did very well & still doing well and I'm grateful for it's my 1st production to be on TV (Chanel O, MTV & Soweto TV), I've been getting nothing but love from the fans. The feedback on beat has always been positive
Your stage name ER Beats, how did you come up with it?
I actually started off as a rapper before I could even teach myself how to make beats, should I say composing rather? I used to call myself "Eazee Rhymez", "Eazee" for my real name "Eazy", "Rhymez" for I was rhyming a lot altogether abbreviated "ER" and obviously ”Beats" for composition
One word to describe ER Beats
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Twitter: @ERBeats_SA
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Word of Motivation
Stay true, hustle hard and remain you. Don't wish to be like ER Beats, the best producer you can be is YOURSELF.
Shout Outs
One time for my mama, sisters and my grandma (Modhadjo), two times for my niggas on the come up, three times for the haters.
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