February 3, 2021

Tonia Babu Drops a Single - "Ni Khete Wena" ft Vice

"The song "Ni Khete Wena" narates pure love between two individuals where in certain characters like friends and family tend to separate the couple. The song doesn't only talk about love but also courage and determination to fight for what is yours.
We named the song "Ni Khete Wena", we had to, if we didn't use it, it would have changed the theme of the song. If we had used the name of a person then all attention would be focused on that particular person whereas we are trying to send a message to all couples out there who are going through the same thing

I worked with Vice who is the founder of Wisani Site Records. He is more than just a co-worker, he's one of my close friends whom I've known for 4 years now. We started working on the song early December 2020 and wrapped it up on the 25th of January 2021. The Song was Produced by both Vice and My Cousin Juicy Killer 
Well most if my songs are romance but it often depends on my emotions. I like writting my songs through life experiences which doesn't often include romance." ~ Tonia Babu
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Listen to "Ni Khete Wena" by Tonia Babu ft Vice on the link below:

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