October 9, 2016

Tory Blaze - 24 Hours in Jozi (Lyrics)

Welcome to my city
Yea… welcome to my city
Muhf***n committee
Yea bad b*** with me
(Verse 1 Tory Blaze).
It's crazy how we done came up.
I remember it was just me in the room,
Picked up a pen and a book
Used it as a tool to outshine dudes in the booth loose.
Man imma be as tight as I can be
.Started jotting and I told myself imma do this s***
I swear to god imma do this s***.
I see the crown and it's not too far.
I'm getting closer with every line that I write.
Closer and closer,
Tory a lyrical overdoser.
Punch-lines lands a n*** to China.
I'm a hypnotist...
Try to go against me?
.Like Jacob Zuma wearing snap backs you're not fit for this. I’m crossed like crucifix.
God bring Jesus as blood ink on the page and they call me Tory Blaze.
The game? Huh
It will never be the same.
In just 24 hours imma give y'all an EP.
Ain’t no n**** dream bigger than me.
I ain't playing no games with this s****.
Might knock a n***** off the throne with this s****.
Somebody tell em I ain't came here to play.
This is my city.

Hook (Tory blaze)
Welcome to my city yea.
Muhf****n committee yea. Bad b**** with me
Yea. Welcome to my city
(Trippy Rare: I’ve been running jozi like 24Hours) welcome to my city
(Trippy Rare: all grind no sleep everyday every hour) Muhf***n committee yea
(Trippy Rare: where shit gets deep every day of the week)  Bad b*** with me yea
(Trippy Rare: But I be on my feet course the streets give me power) Welcome to my City
(Trippy Rare: I’ve been running Jozi like 24 Hours)
 (Verse 2 Tory Blaze)
Wanna die a legend.
Nah scrap that, I wanna be a living legend.
Pave the way for the young ins so they can see
That you can take nothing flip it into something.
So just bear with me in the battle for greatness
I’m on some king Kong tip. Palm’s so big
I can slap the s****** out the rest of your crew with one swing.
Ah so don't ask me about whose the tightest,
Who’s the dopest.
When you know that I'm the artist.
All you grapes keep on whining.
Real n****** keep on grinding.
You're throwing shade at the sun, I swear you're retarded.
I'm disgusted.
You'll end up with missing body parts.
Eye to eye with the god.
Bow down in shame.
Tory's victorious.
Conquer every obstacle set in my path.
From the N to GYE
Now the craft's on the map.
Jozi we're here.
We're them 3 o'clock motherf*****.
Can’t knock us off our focus,
Many tried but were left hopeless.
Bout to do the 360 here in Jozi..
F**** this is my city

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