August 7, 2020

Tsonga Female Rapper Socha drops Visuals for Waar Was Jay ft Chezman

"Waar was Jay song is poetry that we used to sing when we were young... It came from poem called "N'WA cholwacholwani".. I just took the lyrics and I made hip-hop song with them... Gandla pfiiii.
Even the lyrics that Chezman recited, it is the poem too that came from Mbhale mbhale... Nice jam
I was trying to take all people back to our childhood memories... And teach those who never heard about Gandla pfiiii (Ama 2000), I'm totally sure that now they know about Waar was Jay...
Waar was Jy is an Afrikaans statement that means "Where were you?" in English and in my Mother toung it means "Awuri kwini?" Loko hikula wena!

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