May 27, 2020

Tsonga Rapper Chezman Puts The Rap Game on a Danger Zone

Chester Vuma A.K.A Chezman who was born at Bungeni (Limpopo) is a Vocalist/Rapper who Dances, Acts, Composes and Writes Lyrics. His Career was Noticed since he was at Primary School Level, A lot at His High school and the whole of Giyani and Malamulele
Chezman perfomed and Shared Stage with the Likes of Fifi Cooper, Sjava, Chad da don, Benny Mayingani, Makhadzi, Mlindo the Vocalist and the list goes on.
He worked with WiziBeatz, Maseven, Mthimbani, DMS za, Kay Murdur, Socha e.t.c
His Music got AirPlay on Channel 0, MTV Base,TRACE, Mzansi Magic, Munghanalonene FM, YFM e.t.c
Chezman's love for Music made him Multi-task on Composing, Mixing, Recording ans Writing lyrics. Chezman does Different Genres like House, Hip hop, Afro pop & Kwaito
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What Got You into Rap?
I used to listen to Old School Rap back in a days wen I was still young, I used to memorise songs of American Rappers, the Likes of 50Cent, Eminem, 2Pac e.t.c. I used to Rap those songs on the streets and at school until the teachers Discover that I got talent, they used to call me to perfom whenever there were Functions, My peers were amazed & started following my foot steps as things went on and on. High School level, I tried to write my Own lyrics, it was difficult but with practice and consistence, I was slowly improving.
Then I wrote a song called Murapper wamutsonga & others.
If you were not into Rap, What would you be?
I would be Acting! I love Being on TV, Its my perfect mirror.
What is the Good and the Bad thing about Tsonga Rap according to Your Experiences
The Good thing is that; I dont struggle when I'm writting lyrics because I'm using my mother tongue. I'm different and the competition is less due to the type of music that I Create, fusing Tsonga traditional music with western hardcore Rap, Trap and of course Kwaito has played a major role in me finding my own style...
The Challenging part is that whenever I release a song, I'll have to make sure that I translate my lyrics into other languages so that all of my fans can relate, although tsonga is popular but we are still facing language barriers.
What do you mostly write about in Your Music?
About life in general, My struggles, future, My background and My purpose in this world.
You are One of the Few Tsonga Rappers who appeared on TV through Rap, What would you say it's a Challenge to other Tsonga Rappers?
No it's not really challenging, its all about hustling information, Connecting with other folks, exchange information because knowledge is power & it can transform any Rapper's current situation for Better
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The Track "Danger Zone" ft Wizi Beats, Would you say this is the song that got you on a Spotlight or there are other tracks that got you to the level you are currently at?
Nope I've been Making Hits ever since I've mastered my craft, I've produced hits like Vataxikuma, Head Vosho, Mucato wa Mahala ft Mthimbani, & Mawaza ft Maseven.
Chezman... What is the story behind this Stage name?
I got this name when I was still young doing miracles with the Mic at my primary school level, I dont know who gave me the name, I just heard people calling me Chezman and I liked it, with the fact that my first name is "Chester" so the combination kinda made sense.
How is the Response from Your Family and Friends towards Your Music Journey?
I used to share My Vision with friends and family sometimes, they used to say im crazy, "that I should get a proper job", when I told them I wanna be on TV,  I wanna be on Radio, they thought I wasn't serious, they would sometimes criticise and Oppose. Some of my Friends became enemies because they never believed or understood my passion for music.
But today! here they are... proud of me, and first time they saw me on TV, some of My family phoned and Cried because they know My Struggle...
Few Years to come, Where will Chezman be?
Chezman will be The most Powerful, famous and business minded rapper to ever come out of Limpopo, South Africa & Africa as whole, Putting my clan (tsonga) on the map & empower my people. Work with with Big Artists, brands & build my family a legacy.
Shout Outs
Kay Mudur
Flipper smokerz
Black Dawg
Brian Mafifi
Micheal Hlungwani

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