October 13, 2017

Tsonga Representers into improving Tsonga Rap

TRS is a young group of two , CeeKay and MosTJay and we both come from Limpopo , a village called Bungeni. We focus our Music on Tsonga Language writing regardless of our genre, but we call it Tsonga Rap.
Who or what got you guys together?
We both love music, but the love of the motive behind the music is what got us together to form TRS, which is the common life challenges we went through over family, love and relationships. So TRS is more than just music, but life behind it.
Tsonga Representers… What’s the story behind this name?
TRS is a simple word out to say, hey; we have been admiring other languages to an extent of using them on our lyrics than our own. Now it’s time others do so as we stand to represent it through music.
What is the motive behind your music concepts, especially your track “IRirhandzu”?
We are motivated by as I said, true life Challenges. Love, spiritually, relationships - and "IRirhandzu" is all about a loving guy, who got into a wrong foot with his girl, but seeks to get her back again to his arms...so its love.
Who are the Amazing people or organisations have you worked with in the music industry?
We had a blessing of meeting the guy who recorded and produced our lasted single, NFR studio, his skills set us apart from mediocre. From back then we worked with Lil Mike on our first single and the likes of Hector our first producer.
One word to describe Tsonga Representers?
Is there a difference between Tsonga Representers as artists and Tsonga Representers in everyday life?
Not at all. What we put on the mic is more of who we are on our daily lives, we don't go a day without calling, we talk long hours of life and that bonds us to make what is now TRS. We are not just a group, we live it daily even without the public.
Can you guys somehow say that you run TUT Hip Hop?
TUT Hip-Hop is very much broad or contrast if we may say, filled with different Rappers from different cultures hence we have a very limited number of competition in our respective field which is Tsonga Rap where we have a lot of fans all over from Limpopo as TUT students and yea we are very much dominant to answer your question
How do people reach Tsonga Representers if they want to know more and see more of your Work?
You can get us on social media,
Facebook @ Tsonga Representers ,
YouTube on Tsonga representers
bookings on [email protected].
you can Whatsapp us on 0723367369.
Surely there are some people out there who wish to be like Tsonga Representers, how can you guys motivate them?
Well, it’s easy to follow your natural gift than money, in all you do, give your gift a chance and money will follow.
Who do you want to send your shout outs to?
Our shout outs goes to our fans man. All who got us to our feet out there, of course our dear families and friends.
(Bonus) Who’s the funniest in the group and how?
We both like to think are funny, but CeeKay is hilarious. We like teasing each other using our life situations and make fun of them, and that makes being us and around us very fun + and appreciative.

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