May 20, 2023

Univen Student and Rapper - TaGz Wilder shares how his Song “Classick” improved his recognition to the Masses

Ramabulana Thembuluwo aka TaGz Wilder from Nzhelele, Tshavhalovhedzi village studying Urban and Regional Planning in the University of Venda. I do alternative hip hop as Passion.


Who Got you into hip hop?

At a very young Age, my brother's used to mute my Cartoons and play that classic 90's hip hop playlist which naturally got installed in my head ever since than I can't live without it


What is the Good and the Bad thing about hip hop around your hood?

The good is that the kids are getting off the streets and actually putting their talent to the test and hoping they catch traction, and trust me the kids are talented and are dropping at an unprecedented rate.

But the bad part about hip hop in my hood is content and support, certain rappers just be saying shit which there's nothing wrong with honestly but you have a hood story to tell and that's the story you could be telling us "but we all trapping and shooting N*ggrs"
As much as we got good music as hip hop artists in the hood, nobody gives a single nickel or pays any attention to us or to support us. You'll find big events happening near by but there's no local artist not a single one booked. Radio stations hardly ever promote us or play us but hey bottom line is we gonna have to break a low off doors to get our music out there.


What do you write about on most of your songs?

My life, what I live, what I do, what is happening, What I'm experiencing, who I've fell for. I basically find fun ways to express how I'm feeling on beat and leave the rest to the listener to enjoy


What is the One Song that Made a lot of People know or Love TaGz Wilder?

Classick ft Xxbomnsquad, Perplexity was the decider song and my favorite song cause it make people realize the movement and culture I'm coming with, I was now recognized in certain crowds and it became a favorite song for most my fans. All and all the song represented Who Wilder is.

How is the response from your fellow Univen Mates towards your Music Journey?

It's Just been love hey, Gang love after a recent performance I did in the Univen Auditorium, I've gotten recognition and love from students rather than people from my hood or the internet.


TaGz Wilder; What’s the Story behind this Stage Name?

TaGz been my name since I chose it back in grade 8 when people used to give me dumb names like Tboy and Tebo charge so I chose TaGz. After that a few years later I was regarded as one of the wilders boys in parties and when people would be talking I would always find a way to make it sound dirty and I always had a wild imagination and dream.


How Do You Balance Your Music and Your Studies?

I'm a busy person already with a job on to of Music and studies. I just squeeze in that little free time I get and enjoy the art. There's always time problem is people love to rest too much and you ain't gone get none if you sleeping Mr West.


Few Years to Come, Where will TaGz Wilder be?

International with a die hard fan base that understands who and what I am and what I'm building which a love filled empire (More details as life goes) cant give you the blue print.


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Shout Outs

Shout out to Physilmic Dwayne, Zey Love Keys, Mike Tuney, Mate Klate, Fais yung, Perplexity, Yung TJ SA and hey Mass The Difference. And Lastly My Niece she's 8 Years old and she's my biggest fan. love yalls, Spread it.

✌ Peace out

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