February 2, 2024

Xphola talks about The “King of Tsonga Rap title” | The Music Journey | Nghala ya Judah EP | Track Number 15 + More

Xphola (Real name Sipho Malatji) is a Tsonga Rapper and Hip hop Music Producer who’s originally from Bolobedu but moved to Dzumeri (Giyani) in December 2003, until today he still resides there at (Mageva village).

I spend most of My time working as an instructor at Gabaza Security Services, right at My village. I also work as a Peer Educator at Dzumeri Health Center.

Who or what got you into Hip hop?

What got me into Hip Hop was the love I had for music since I was a kid. I grew up in a family that  loved music and dancing very much. Then, after matric I felt like it was a calling for me to make My own music. I wrote My first song with no access of recording studio untlill  I found one. I was listening to rappers like Snoop Dogg a lot and wished I could rap like him and Eminem as well.

From when you've started to now, how has the journey been in the Tsonga Rap industry?

The journey of Xitsonga Rap, from then till now has changed, but not that much. It has improved when it comes to the style and quality of productions; but financially, it is still the same. 

It never grew to a level where Rappers of other languages in South African try to Rap in Xitsonga 

What is the Good and the Bad thing about Tsonga Rap in your hood?

The good thing is, people do listen to Tsonga Rap and enjoy it. They support us and attend gigs. They also buy our songs through digital platforms.

What's bad is; it's only few people stream, buy or download our songs. Most of them share our music to one another through WhatsApp and Bluetooth, yet they say they are supporting. 

Would you consider yourself as the King of Tsonga Rap or there's someone whom you can give the title to?

According to how I understand music (all genres), music has no King because people don’t like the same style of music. That means, every individual has their own King. For example; Jesus was a King, but not all people considered Him as one.

How is the response from Family and Friends towards your Music Journey?

My Family and close Friends are My bigger Fans, including My Mother, She does listen to My songs, calls Me through the phone and tell Me how much proud she is about My Job. Since I’ve started Rapping, I’ve never lost support from any of My Friends. 

What makes a Good Rapper in your Opinion?

Creativity; A good Rapper should be able to create a song with lyrics that not everyone could think of (that's a very important key in Rap). It doesn't matter how many songs You can make or how fast You can Rap, What's crucial is the logic of your lyrics, rhymes, punchlines and the message conveyed.

What is this one song that made a lot of people know and love Xphola?

Many of My fans recognized Me through difrent songs. Actually, what Made people fall in Love with My music was not a specific song, it was My style of doing funny Raps (combining comedy and hip hop).

Xphola… What is the story behind this Stage Name?

My name is Sipho; when I started Rapping, people called me Sphola (taken from Sipho). So because I  wanted a unique Stage Name, I then replaced "S" with "X" and make it “Xphola” and I'm still the only one  called by this name.

Please tell us about your latest EP on how it came about and more

My EP "Nghala ya Judah" was recorded in September 2023. Everyone knows about the battle I’ve been having with Thembi "Mthimbani" since 2016. So, the aim of the project was to keep the promise I’ve made that I'm going to diss him till the 15th track.

I was also showing that I can even diss him further than the promise I have made. 

Everybody that knows Me, they know very well that I'm a battle Rapper since day one.

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Shout Outs

I'm not going to pick Names because I have a lot of People to send a Shout Out to. So I can  only say Shout Out to all my true Supporters.

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