May 14, 2019

Young and Multi-Talented Queen of Tsonga Rap "Xisomisani" Making waves on Social Media | New Hit Tamatisoso

Xisomisani is a Multi talented rapper/actress, born at Zava Nwamarhanga village, Dzumeri - Giyani in Limpopo - ZA.
She was discovered by Dj Gami Swaga at the age of 14. It's bin a year since her reign and already carrying 5 Nominations with 1 award and already won #XMA15 for Song Called TamatiSoso with her producer Dj Gami, the video is available on You tube.
Dj Gami, "Its hard to choose what to do grooming her because there is nothing she cannot do....she writes her own songs, she only takes few minutes to construct her lyrics on a song"
She has done interviews on 2 Commercial radio station breakfast shows. Immaculate Breakfast at Capricorn FM & Phaphama at Munghana Lonene.
Perfomed big shows such as: Bush Buckridge arts Festival, Fill up Giyani Stadium, Munghana Lonene road shows, Corporate Launch with Minister of Small business development Cassel Mathale.
She is currently doing grade 10 as she wishes to empower her mind with education.
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There are so many artists who started rapping at a young age as you but it is quite rare for Tsonga rappers to be discovered at the same age (especially females). What does it mean to you as a young Tsonga Rap Queen?
I still can't believe it as a Tsonga female who is doing what I'm doing at my age, I'm grateful for it
Who is Your Main inspiration behind your type / style of rapping?
Sho Madjozi has done well to represent us as Tsonga people. Fifi Cooper is also my favourite
What is the good and the worst about Hip hop according to Your Experiences?
The good is that I am able to inspire kids my age & above while I'm helping my family at the same time. Luckily I havnt experienced the worst yet.
After Completing Matric, which career do you want to take?
How is the response from Family and Friends that you are in this Rap game?
They are happy for me & very supportive because they can see change.
What do you mostly write about in your tracks and why?
When I'm happy I write about things that make me happy, when I'm sad I love to right inspirational songs.
What are the amazing places did Rap take you?
I was abled to visit some of my favourite radio stations & I've perfomed alongside some of my favourite artists/Djs
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Before Dj Gami Swaga found you, did you see Rap as a platform of your breakthrough?
Not at all, I just thought of it as just another sweet dream, at this age it is almost impossible to reach your goals as a village girl.
How do you maintain Music and Studies?
I mostly do my music during school holidays & my P.R takes care of the rest at Gami Music Production.
Xisomisani... What is the story behind this stage name?
Dj Gami & Kate Lukz gave me the name, they said it symbolizes "A young village girl with big dreams"
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Dj Gami Swaga featured you on his latest hit "TamatiSoso" and it is going crazy all over... How do you feel about that and how did the track come about?
I'm over the moon, guess what, Dj Gami challenged me to script it in less than 30 mins in his studio, I did not know i was capable....but I did it & this is what transpired.
Shout Outs
My mom, my manager & producer Dj Gami Swaga, my stylist Kate Lukz, my photographer A images, my favourite rapper Mthimbani, Akani Mongwe, 1st born Xigombe, ndzalama rikhotso & my sister Vukona Rikhotso
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Facebook - Xisomisani RSA
Twitter - @xisomisaniRSA
Instagram - @xisomisanirsa

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