March 29, 2018

Young2-Switch - POLO ft Rito Tory Baloyi (Lyrics)

Artist: Young2-SwiTch
Title: Polo ft Rito "Tory Blaze" Baloyi
IMG 20180325 WA0004
Hook :
Yea I want the Polo so I can stay shining X 4
Get the Polo,
Get the Polo,
Get the Polo,
Get the Polo,
(Young2-SwiTch )
Get tha Polo Get tha Pooolo,
I want the Polo with the real Mag,
I want the Polo so I can stay shining,
You gat the Polo an ain't gat,
I gat the juice and am ganged up.
I just wanna make it burned up,
On them tires wen am riding,
205 thats the speed
I just want what's mine nigga
I ain't tranna make you run
Get the Polo get the Polo
I know you  thinking am crazy,
You dont know me,but you think of me
let me tell you a little about me...
Am doing this for the youngones
Get tha paper Get tha paper
I am the hustle and am,
breaking the swarte.
Am picking them pieces,
Am feeling the pain.
A be trying get rid of the pain.
You can see me on the highway.
Catch me riding of the highway
Polo Polo PoloPooolo.
A be riding  with ma day ones
Young king from the gotta
Representing to the fullest
Breaking berries everyday
Ricing to them better days
OHB that's ma hood cash
GY that's whole gang
TSI that's the Polo man.
Polo vivo let me know it.
Polo Polo Polo Polo.
(Rito Baloyi)
I be riding with my boys
We be making lot of noise
You ain't know what it cost
I feel like a boss.
Jet legged, I got gas .Guess who got the pedal and he skr skr when he pulls through 'cause he can do it.
I got bands moving contraband
I turned Amanda Black into a fan
I made Zahara tell me I'm the man
I talked to God he told me that I'm next
So homi relax.
You ain't getting Nex
I get the cheque ,I check the cash,Cash out the rest invest it in a fan.You get the picture you ain't need a can
With RITO you're blessed.

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