August 4, 2019

K-Bizzle releases a hit "Top Five" ft Mimi, Daystar, Loud and Blake Young

Louder Levelz Music is proud to introduce their DJ K-Bizzle.
K-Bizzle joins the label as Loud's Dj, and we are introduced to him with this explosive release "Top Five". Its all in the name, Top Five refers to the hottest newest acts in the game "Mimi, Epic, Rav, Daystar and Blake Young". 
With no signs of slowing down, this track brings an explosive energy that is seldom seen in hip hop track now days. The label flexes on their abilities to turn up any event or cloud showcasing all the talent to date.
With the decrease of hip hop material dropped this year, Louder Levelz aims to fill the gap and Top Five is just one of the long list of material and new acts to come out of this independent monster of a label.

TITLE: Top Five
Artist: Mimi, Loud, Daystar and Blake Young
Writer:  Mimi, Loud, Daystar and Blake Young
Producer: Lee Taylor(Taylor Made)
Composer: Rav(Yinhla Makhubela) X Dash (Kabeleo Aphane)

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