December 28, 2017

Meet The Clever of Radio Edwin Makamu shaking the Air waves

IMG 20171227 WA0005Edwin “The Clever of Radio” Makamu was born and raised in N’waxinyamani community on the 27th of December in 1994. Edwin is a radio personality who also loves music as he can sing. He got involved into the radio industry in 2015 around September. Edwin had a dream to be on the radio world since his high school times. He is currently studying teaching at The University of Venda. His favorite music is Rnb and Pop music with Nico and Vinz occupying his playlist
What grabbed your attention into the Radio industry?
Radio is everywhere bro, you carry it everywhere you go, unlike TV
Who is your inspiration in the radio industry?
The Legendary Dj Fresh, The guy lives and breathes radio bro; he made me realize that radio is more than just speaking.
How is the friends and family’s response that you are a radio personality?
My family was not that surprised as they knew it was about time I finally got into radio, at church they used to call me “Radio guy” before I even started the broadcasting journey, so their response is extremely positive
If not radio, what would it be?
IMG 20171227 WA0015
One word to describe Edwin?
How do you see Edwin in the near future?
At least two music albums released and of course working at one of South Africa’s biggest commercial radio stations
Catch Edwin Makamu at:
Facebook: Edwin Makamu
Instagram: @makamu.edwin
Twitter: @makamuedwinn
Sessions – Monday to Friday, 06:00am to 09:00am
Saturday, 21:00 to 00:00
Univen FM 99.8 MHz
IMG 20171227 WA0006
Word of inspiration
Word hard, be yourself, do not try to be Edwin, we already have one, give us something new
Shout outs
Shout out to my Brother Justice, the guy has been there for me every time I needed him
One funny moment during your childhood?
By the time I was still in high school, I once stood up in front of my classmates and confessed my love to this other, it was a complete mess, I even wanted to drop out but my brother spoke to me and I was okay. It is funny to think of it now but in those times it was a real mess.

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