April 3, 2023

Feb/Mar Issue: Tribute to AKA - @Makeupby_Passionfruit, Enigma - BoomtrapQueen | MadblaQ - King of Tsonga Rap | #Talk2Jay - Dizzie Vee, G Ice | Smaddy Wend + More

Makeup Artist Pays Tribute to AKA; Painting his Face on Her Body | @Makeupby_passionfruit | Supa Mega

Rapper from Malamulele - “MadblaQ” gives his thoughts on who the King of Tsonga Rap is | Ntsan’wisi +More

Introducing Dizzie Vee - Rapper from Bungeni | Hip Hop in His Family | Speaks Funny | Homie #Talk2Jay


Female Rapper - Enigma BoomtrapQueen on What makes a good Rapper | Experiences as Female in the Game + More

Smaddy Wend Drops a Single - “Behind Closed Doors” on Valentine’s Day | Here’s Why

Lester Matthews Celebrates Valentine’s Day with a Single - “Ximatsatsa” ft Thuto SA

AKA’s (Forbes) Family Confirms AKA’S “Mass Country” Album Release to Honour His Legacy

G-Ice - Why He’s The Face of Tsonga Rap | One Blood | Milorho ya Mina EP | Love Life + More #Talk2Jay

Tsonga Reggae Singer - Jake De Vocalist Shares Experiences in Music, Love & Hate | GCR Awards + More #Talk2Jay

Smaddy Wend Drops - Nelstalgic (Single) on His Birthday

Smaddy Wend - Nelstalgic (Lyrics)


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