July 26, 2023

Daniel Brothers Growing Stronger | Story behind their Name | What they love about their Fans +More

Daniel brothers is a duo of Fikile Clement Ngobeni and Ntwanano Mhlongo.The both of us were born and raised in Tzaneen in a village called Msiphani at Nwamitwa. Ntwanano Mhlongo aka Dj Ntwaa works at Mopani District Water Affairs/ Water Supplier. While Flex (Fikile Clement Ngobeni) is a photographer and criminal justice student.

What inspired you guys to do Xitsonga RnB?

- Most of the lyrics found in R&B music talk about overcoming a struggle and succeeding. As artists we often relay our own difficulties, what we see in our society, what we go through as youth and show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel


Which song made a lot of people know and Love Daniel Brothers?

- Nwana vanhu wanijikela


Usasekile/ Avuxeni


What do you guys Love most about your Fans when you are performing?

- Having them while on stage give us emotional support.The connection between our fans us is often personal and emotional. hearing them sing along makes us proud and it helps us in giving a great performance


A lot of Crews grow strong but get to split up somewhere, what makes you guys to go even stronger as a Duo?

- We Love music and we understand that we are two different people, so we make decisions based on what will impress our fans because after all they are our main focus.


What is the Good and the Bad thing about being a Xitsonga RnB Crew around your hood?

- So far we haven’t seen anything bad, we only got the good stuff. Our hood got us, they are our biggest supporters and fans. We are nothing without our people.


Daniel Brothers… What’s the story behind this Crew Name?

- We named our crew “DANIEL BROTHERS” simply because both our fathers are named Daniel


What can the Fans expect from Daniel Brothers next?

- We are cooking a very hot album.They should be on a lookout for it anytime soon.


Who is the Funny one between the two of you and why?

- Flex is the funny one lol… Its just in him, where every he is, its all laughter.


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